Thursday, July 18, 2013

Come Sail Away With Me

OOTD Randomness

For those who may not know ootd is short for outfit of the day. I'm involved in a few Facebook groups that are geared around posting ootd's. I have also found Tumblr to be first-rate outlet  for ootd randomness. I would like to share the simplicity of the daily outfit post on my blog. Sometimes it just needs to be. I have many older styles in my closet and even know you many not be able to pick them up currently I think they are still interesting and relevant.


 Dress: Torrid, Size 24. This dress came out in the summer of 2011.
Shrug: City Chic, Size XL (22) Fall 2012
Fishnets: Some Halloween brand in plus size. I'm not sure because i threw the package away. I can just fit into the plus size fishnets because they have so much stretch. They are only ever good for one use:( BOOO! 
Shoes: Rubies Halloween costume shoes. Picked these up at the thrift store for $10.


Skirt: ASOS Curve, Size 22. Currently available HERE 
Belt: Dots, Size 3X
Shirt: Domino Dollhouse, Size 3X. Fall 2012
Anchor Sweater Clips: Everyday is like Halloween. Currently available HERE
Bandanna: Michaels

A close up of my Anchor Sweater Pins.

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