Wednesday, July 24, 2013

International Hot Dog Day !!!!

 The dos and don'ts of hot dog essential film for wiener lovers.

Yesterday was international hot dog day so I pulled out my very best hot dog garb.


 I totally had been saving this T-shirt for a future post, but when I saw it was international hot dog day I jumped up and down and ran for the tee. I picked this t-shirt up super cheap from Mondo Guerra. I have always been a huge fan and supporter of Mondo. This is the third t-shirt I have ordered from his site. I find his stuff so wonderful and quirky. He is such an amazing designer. My favorite ever from Project runway. I pay to the fashion gods that someday he will come out with a collection that will fit on my fat ass. Until then I continue to be inspired by his styles and try to recreate them though pieces I pick up at fat friendly stores. 
What hot dog tee is complete without a crazy colorful junk food skirt??  I picked this skirt up a few weeks ago planning to wear it with the hot dog tee. I thought the fabric was so perfectly yummy. The skirt came from Etsy. This is the second skirt I have purchased from Rebel Downtown. Rebel Downtown has tons of kitchy and comic fabrics she works with to make clothing and accessories. Her prices are really fantastic. I paid under $40 for this skirt. I think that is a great price to have something custom made to my size. I believe the skirts on her page are listed up to a 45" waist, but she will custom size something larger. Check her out on Etsy and on intragram @ Rebeldowntown
It was important to me to have the right accessories for such a delicious outfit. I knew I was going to make them myself, but went through many ideas before the light bulb went off. This outfit was going to be like the best date ever. I envisioned myself  with hot dog in hand and junk food on my lap so it only made sense I was at the drive in movies. If I was going to be at the drive in I would totally be peeping some 3D B-movie cheese! The 3D glasses necklace was born. The 3D necklace can be purchased at Everyday is like Halloween and button from Mondo.
The whole ensemble was completed with a ring I feel sums it up nicely. Also from Everyday is like Halloween


  1. Love the outfit, it is perfect and the most fun EVER!

  2. Thanks Affinity. I don't know that I have ever worn so much color. What is happening to the girl that only wears black!

  3. You are so gorgeous! I just stumbled onto your blog, and I love your style. I'm looking forward to more posts!

  4. Thanks Dalia!! Welcome to the madness!!