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"In the midnight hour, she cried more, more, more. With a rebel yell, she cried more, more, more!!!!!"

Billy Idol's Rebel Yell has absolutely nothing to do with leggings. But in my head, when I think of leggings, I scream MORE, MORE, MORE!!! I'm totes psyched to be talking about leggings today. Leggings are mega exciting to me, but I'm more pumped because this is my first post that will be a part of a plus size fashion blog hop. For those of you who don't know what a blog hop is, it's a virtual blog party that often involves a theme. People sign up to participate in whatever the theme is and write their own individual blog post about that theme. They then all publish their posts to their individual blog at the same time. I will be doing this blog hop with a group of amazing, beautiful, strong and stylish plus size women. So you can see why I'm so thrilled to be a part of this monthly project.

Black and White Skull Brocade Print Leggings (size 3X) - From DEB
I would like to start this legging excellence by thanking the 80s for bringing leggings into my life. It was the fitness and aerobics craze in the very early 1980s that helped leggings make their way from the gyms and dance studios to the streets. Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and dance crazed media sucked in every young 80s girl. It may be hard to believe, but I was kicking back then and rocking some pretty sweet legs. I have actually been around to see leggings hit a high three times and I have welcomed them each and every time. In the 90s, girls showed less of the legging, but they were still there. Hidden by long length skirts and slouch socks, we were a little less expressive with patterns and lace and more about the stir-up style. One element that has always remained is the boot. The boot is very important to the legging style. It has changed a bit like the legging itself, but they have always been the perfect coupling.

Cross Print Capri Length leggings (size 3X) - From Dots

In the last few months I have been trying to expand my legging collection. For many years I stuck with mainly black to wear under skirts and dresses, but recently we have had a re-surge of fantastic print and lace leggings. I could buy a different pair every day and be happy forever. I have found that sizing is ALL over the place when buying leggings. Most plus size stores tend to fit great, but I have found that some leggings are too big. Really! With a lot of buying and trying on, I have gotten my size down at many shops. My legs are not overly long. I am 5'6 on a good day. I have legs shaped like chicken drumsticks. Quite narrow at the ankle. Normal sized calf and large thigh. My hips are 64" and my waist 50". Here is how I have found different stores to fit.

TORRIDHas run large on me. If the legging is a spandex/cotton blend, I always order a size 2. If the legging is spandex/poly, I go with a 3 and hope for the best. I'm still not 100% on target with Torrid leggings. But I do know that I am around a size 2 or 3, even though according to their size chart, my body measurements are around a 4 or 5. Torrid is a great place to order leggings from if you have larger calves or ankles. They have a great deal of stretch and seem to hold up well to washing. I have had a few pairs of the colored leggings fade, but they are leggings so I don't expect them to have a super long life. My favorite black capri lace bottom leggings come from Torrid. They are perfect to wear under any summer dress to help with chub rub.

Grey and Black Skull Leggings (Size 2X) - From Torrid

DEBDeb carries junior plus so it can be hit and miss. Junior plus is typically a smaller cut than regular plus. I have found that I can fit into most of their size 3X leggings. Some have been pretty tight or short from crouch to waist. Others have fit perfect, even when they are from the same manufacturer. Go figure. They have lots of awesome patterns and great, low prices. It's worth the risk when they are under $20. 

White and Black Striped Leggings (Size 3X) - From Deb

DOTS - I normally buy a size 3X at Dots. However, I have found styles that run large. They carried these really amazing sweater leggings in the winter and they were super large. I totally got away with a 2X in those and maybe could have gone down to a 1X. Dots is another place to get some funky patterns at a reasonable price.

Tights in Scarlet Red (Size E) - From We Love Colors

WE LOVE COLORSThe last place I want to cover in my legging mania post is not really a "legging" place but falls more into the "legging-like things" category. We Love Colors is my new favorite place for all things tights-related. In the past, I have been constantly left with crotch sag by almost every brand of tights I have tried. This can totally get a girl down, but I never gave up. I have always been unhappy with tights, but knew the right pair was out there somewhere. I have found them at We Love Colors. At first, I was hesitant because purchasing and shipping one item to Canada was kind of expensive (around $25, I believe). I assure you it was worth every penny. They fit like a dream. The color is beautiful and did not become opaque when i put them on. And they have 51 colors to choose from. HELL YES! In the future, I will order more than one pair at a time to save on shipping. NOTE: To all my friends and family reading this and looking for a future gift…hint, hint: a We Love Colors gift card would be perfect.


In the 80s I was obsessed with Madonna and Desperately seeking Susan. Madonna defiantly  influenced my legging love. If your not currently a legging girl I would say: "Get into the groove and give them a try, you won't regret it".

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  1. Amazing post, a great look at a variety of retailers, and I love your choices.

  2. Oh, look at you rocking tights AND leggings (you go-getter, you ;). And, as always, you look amazing in all your pics.

  3. Your style makes me so. damn. happy.

  4. Great post! I hope I am able to get out of my comfort zone and try the printed leggings/tights. Funny is my favorite pair of tights/leggings sag in the crotch but I love them!

    1. EKKKK! I can not deal with crotch sag! Drives me insane.

  5. You look so awesome, love all the pics and those leggings are great! I am still to wear my galaxy leggings I got at Forever21 I know the Galaxy thing is so over-done but I love em so!

  6. LOOOVVVEEE THEM!!! Especially the skulls!!
    Awesome pics and Post. <3

  7. I love your looks....and that hair...jealous!!!!! I especially love the first pair of leggings from deb....cuuuute


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  9. Nice printed leggings ...and i feel those will really look graceful on anarkali salwar suits as they look awsome

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  11. Oh my goodness, these are super amazing leggings. The patterned ones are my favorite among all. Even for my workouts I like to wear Lycra leggings. I have a lot of pairs of Carbon38 mesh cut out leggings in different designs. These are quite soft and are stretchable.