Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Spin Doctor Azreal Dress

Size 4X
Embrace your inner vamp and become a goth goddess in Spin Doctor's new Azreal dress!!!

I totally fell for Spin Doctor's new Azreal dress when I saw it on the rack at Sweet Echo headquarters, it totally reminded me of an 80's goth party dress and I dig everything 80's goth. I think the ruffles, lace, and lacing add the right amount of style and sass. I grabbed this dress in a size 4X because it has very little stretch. I find the Spin Doctor stuff usually runs a little bit smaller than the Hell Bunny brand. Lately I have been going between a 3X and 4X in Hell Bunny. I would suggest going with the large size if you are between two sizes on this dress. I was really happy with the length of this dress, it came right above my knees, which at 5'6" makes it long enough for me to wear without tights or leggings and feel comfortable. The top of the Azreal dress has a sweetheart neckline, which I have found  in the past to be very flattering on my body. Occasionally I have to add a dart along the top of some dresses because it ends up being too big throughout my chest. I have a much smaller underarm measurement compared to my bust measurement so this is a problem I have faced before. Looking at the photos I can see I am experiencing this issue to an extent and might dart the dress to make it fit that much better in the bust; it's easier to be able to to take it in than to have it too tight. I find Spin Doctor and Hell Bunny both do a good job with allowing room for the girls in their plus size garments. I'm really glad I picked this dress up because I can see myself wearing it a lot since it can be dressed up or down. I can even see it being worn with a jean jacket and cowboy boots. While that is not my style I still think it would look hella cute!!! 

 Boots: Torrid
Size 11

These boots are a size too big for me, but I made them work. I did not purchase these boots, but got them from a friend so I am not sure how old they are. If I had to guess I would say they are at least eight years old. They have a really old Torrid logo in them and they are lined in purple. They feel like old school Torrid. Either way, I totally love them and I feel like a bad ass 80's punk rock chick when I wear them. 

Glasses: Sunglass Spot
 I have ordered a bunch of sunglasses from Sunglass Spot. ALL of the their glasses are $5!!!! They ship out super fast and the international shipping rate is great. I think I paid $15 shipping for 4 or 5 pair of glasses last time. They have tons of unique and interesting glasses so totally creep them out.

Lipstick: Makeup Monsters
Shade: Hail Storm

This shade is soon to be discontinued so if you like it I would keep an eye for it to come back in stock. Hail Storm is a liquid lipstick similar to the Lime Crime Velvetines, but it is not 100% transfer proof. It is still long wearing and lovely. Makeup Monster has tons of killer shades, but I do find their products sell out fast, so if you see a shade you love, grab it before it's gone. I will say they are really great at consistently restocking their items as well so you never have to wait too long for a color to come back.  



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