Friday, July 31, 2015

Alternative Curves Alter Ego

For optimal viewing gratification, please enjoy this video while perusing my post.

 An Alter Ego (Latin, "The Other I") is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person's normal, or original, personality.

The Alternative Curves theme for July is Alter Ego. I was pretty  stoked to put something together this month. When thinking about my Alter Egos (yes, plural) I was inclined to show you my Drag Alter Ego but I decided to wait on that one because Drag happens to be one of the themes coming up soon. So instead this month I bring you some Pizzazz from The Misfits. The Misfits are the bad ass rival band from the 80's cartoon Jem and the Holograms. Pizzazz, whose real name is Phyllis Gabor, is the lead singer and guitarist for The Misfits. If you were a fan of Jem you may be wondering why I would pick Pizzazz for my Alter Ego. Pizzazz was a bit of a spoiled brat coming from a very wealthy family and she wanted fame and adoration at any cost. I can't relate too much to Pizzazz on this level, but if you wanna start talking about her style, and her killer rock star attitude, I am all about that. I recall as a ten year old girl lusting for animal prints and leather, both staples in the Pizzazz wardrobe. Pizzazz wore too much makeup, always had punk green hair, was loud, in charge, and her music ruled! What was not to love? As a child I always loved the villains, but to find a villain that had a killer fashion punk rock style, well I was in love. 


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  1. I am loving EVERY.single.thing about this post!!!! And thank you for the music I might stay on your page for awhile :)

  2. YASSSSS! Dream girl over here, I LOVED the misfits! You make such a killer Pizzazz!

    I'll just be over here swooning for a bit!

  3. Oh my days, I love this look so much and your hair. To. Dieeeeeee. For!

  4. I LIKE, I LIKE YOUR STYLE! Total understatement when I damn well LOVE your style! So many props for your killer makeup skillz and your impressive collection of animal print... *dies* xx