Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day to Night in Addition Elle

There are many ways to take an outfit from day to night in an instant. Sometimes our lives become hectic and we need a full outfit change on the hop. Changing a look from day to night can be as easy as adding a jacket and a different pair of shoes, or updating your hair or makeup to a more night welcoming style. Starting your day with a good, solid, versatile foundation will make your transition from day to night smooth and easy. For this month's Ahead of the Curve collective post I'm going to take my Michel Studio Mesh Maxi dress I recently picked up from Addition Elle and show you how you can style it from day to night. 

 *Day Look*

When putting together your daytime look, keep it stylish, but simple. I chose to add an older belt from Torrid (no longer in stock) and hoop pentacle earrings from Spencer's to add the perfect amount of "Yes" to the dress, helping make my look interesting and edgy while keeping it wearable and comfy. I opted to pull my hair up and out of my face to keep me cool while running around in the summer heat. With my hair off my face I went for a bright, summery makeup application. Playing around with bright shadows and a teal colored liquid liner made my face and hair pop around my basic black threads. My daytime look is completed with a classic black patent leather flip flop and some high pointed cat's eye sunglasses from Sunglass Spot.

*Night Look *

When taking an outfit from day to night, layering generally plays a part in the transition. Whether you are layering jewelry, a jacket, or a fierce pair of heels, think about your destination and adjust the layers and level of sassy accordingly. For my nighttime look I stripped away the earrings and daytime belt and added a black brocade jacket and a mini velour belt with a bow from City Chic. I think it is always a smart idea to add a jacket to a nighttime look. Not only is it practical, especially here in Canada, but I find it adds a certain level of style. I always try and go higher with my heels and bolder with my jewelry for my evening looks. Another thing to keep in mind when planning your evening transition is your lighting. A dimmer light in your surroundings creates the perfect environment to go bold with cosmetics. I did not remove my daytime make up, but rather updated it by layering a black shadow, liner, and a classic red lip. Lastly, I let my hair down! Nighttime is the right time for the hair to be down and fun to commence!


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