Friday, December 20, 2013

Glitz and Glam WAVE: eShakti Leather Trim Poplin Dress


For this month's Ahead of the Curve post I wanted to do something different. Glitz and Glam is our theme and I didn't want to go the traditional route. I've done many classic glamorous looks in the past. I started thinking about glam and my brain wandered to the 70s and glam rock. I love the glam rock idea so much, but I didn't think I could pull out a full look I would be satisfied with. I just don't have a wardrobe for 70s glam. I did, however have the wardrobe for a new wave look of sorts.With new wave stemming from the punk & glam movement of the 70s, I could just kind of mash the whole thing up. 

Some of my influences for this look


I've been loving all the edgy leather and leather look embellishments out there. I think I've said this before, but a huge part of me will always be stuck in the 80s. Leather, Spikes, and Zippers Forever!! I will be the grandma rocking a leather jacket and purple hair. 
While perusing eShakti a couple weeks ago, I came across this leather trim poplin dress.. I have been shopping at eShakti for a little over a year and I have not come across any edgier styles. I was delighted when I found this one. I love their vintage inspired designs and beautiful embroidered prints, but sometimes I find their stuff all starts looking similar. While this dress is one of their classic silhouettes, it's made more current with the leather look accents. Faux leather covers both shoulders and is banded at the bottom of the dress. Down the front is a faux leather trimmed working zipper. The dress is completed with a faux leather belt. I wanted more of a wrap around belted look so I opted to add a couple extra black studded belts.
Overall I'm happy with this dress. It fits perfect. I normally order custom, but for this item I just ordered the off rack 28. It is very light. Much lighter them I thought it would be with the leather. Light is fine, but the faux leather is very thin. I would image I will have to be careful. I've had problems with faux leather tearing before. This is not counting the pair of faux leather pants my thighs chewed up and swallowed back in 2001. This item is dry-clean only. I have hand washed their dry-clean only items before and ironed them low inside out. I don't think I will risk it with this one. I don't want to chance melting the faux leather. 

White Satin Gloves from Orchard Corset
Ouija Necklace from EILH
Boots from Dots

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  1. Stina! You take such interesting twists and turns with your prompts. This is totally you!

  2. Words honestly cannot express how much I love the looks you come up for each monthly theme. You look all kinds of amazing! (And your posts always have me thinking that I need to get myself some black lipstick/liner so I can push my own boundaries)! - Lis

    1. Do it! Black lipstick is making a come back;)


  3. You outdid yourself stina! It looks amazing. And I have the same feeling with Eshakti, they aren't edgy enough. And this is totally you love everything about this look, makes me wanna wear black lipstick too!

  4. Love this look. That dark/Goth/Punk will never go away, in fact it is having a resurgence, and it looks fab on you.

    1. Thanks Affinity. I`m a big fan of the look. Reminds me of my 16 year old self.