Monday, January 13, 2014

David Cronenberg Evolution in ModCloths Tremendous Taste Dress

Promotional cards, ticket stubs and the jewelry I made to wear for Evolution.




I'm so in love with horror and dresses. In that order. One of my all time horror favorites is director/actor David Cronenberg. I've totally been crushing on Cronenberg since the early 90s. I first encountered Cronenberg as Dr. Philip Decker in Clive Barker's Nightbreed. I've had a hard core school girl ever since.
This year for Christmas my husband Graham, got me the usual horror and clothing. I hate practical Christmas so I was one happy ghoul. One of my gifts was tickets for David Cronenberg Evolution. WOOT WOOT! This past weekend we ventured into the city (Toronto) and hit up TIFF Bell Lightbox for the exhibit.  

I may have been slightly over dressed for a casual daytime viewing of the exhibit. Meh, I am big into dressing up. Plus my honey bought this dress for me and I wanted to wear it for him. He picked it out and everything. Pretty impressive for my fashionably challenged hubby .

My dress came from ModCloth
I wish I could link you to ModCloths Tremendous Taste dress, but it recently has sold out. This dress retailed for $69 and went on sale a couple weeks ago for $34!!!! ModCloth is awesome for sales. I get email every day and have found some great deals. This dress is a size 4X and fits me perfect. I have heard mixed reviews of ModCloths sizing. So far, I'm three for four. I did get an item over Christmas that didn't fit. It was too big! I had been worried about stuff being too small. If you're interested in trying ModCloth you can use this LINK  to receive $15 off your first order. 

 I was not sure how cold it would be inside the exhibit. I know in the past, I have been to events like this that have been very chilly. I decided in order to be safe I would wear my black fur shrug from Forever 21+. This shrug is light and comfortable for indoors. Don't let the fur fool you. I picked this item up last winter so it's no longer available. You can find similar fur shrugs listed on ebay quite often. Here is one I found today that is almost exactly the same.

Picked a couple of my favorite Cronenberg films and made some themed jewelry. I had a really hard time only picking a couple. I wanted to make a piece for almost every film. Had I found a good photo of the gynecological tools for mutant woman, I surely would have designed a piece around them. If you're interested in having a piece of custom jewelry designed hit me up at Everyday is like Halloween.

"Long Live The New Flesh"

-David Cronenburg

Flirting with the Mugwump

Shooting Mugwump down


 This Mugwump is far too strange for even me.  I'm out of here!!




If your interested in checking out Evolution you can find details HERE. Exhibition closes January 19th, 2014. 


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  1. You look very cute! I love your blog.

  2. Super cute. And I'm so jealous, I love horror!

  3. I'm kind of addicted. I'm all about old school VHS horror, but I will take it anyway I can get it!! Thanks for checking out my blog. xx

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