Monday, November 25, 2013

I got the jitterbug: Forever 21s Statement-Making Letter Print Dress

Letter Print Dress in Size 3X

When I peeped this totally rad Statement-Making Letter Print Dress at Forever 21, it instantly put the boom boom into my heart. In fact, I started to hum Wham's 1984 hit "Wake me up before you go-go". The song reminds me so much of this time and the big bold letter and number prints both men and woman were wearing. Immediately I started to think about the accessories that would make this outfit a complete modernized 84 flash back.

In order to rock the look hard, I knew my outfit would need some neon pink. It worked out perfect that I have pink hair. I loved neon pink so much back in the day. In 1984, I was a mere 10 years of age and Madonna was my everything. Material girl was released the same year as Wake me up before you go-go and I must have watched the material girl video a million time. Madonna in that pink dress...GORG!!

What goes better than bright purple with neon pink? NOTHING! My legs are bathed in We Love Colors  Violet plus size Nylon/Lycra tights size E. We love colors tights are by far my favorite. The colors are always beautiful and never turn opaque when stretched over my legs. They are long enough, but don't tend to bag in the crouch. I have stockpiled a bunch in my favorite colors and hope Santa brings me more.

To complete my look I added some modern touches. Leather and Studs and Spikes, OH MY! Everywhere you look this season you will find these three accents. I find adding these items makes your outfit look just the little bit more bad ass. I'm all for bad ass. My boots were from Torrid last season. You can pretty much find spiked boots everywhere now. My glasses are also from Forever 21. My belt was a gift from a friend and my headband was ordered off Ebay for $1.96!!


  1. Perfection! I adore that print and the way you styled it. I have a stock pile of We Love Colors tights too!

  2. I loooove Jitterbug! used to listen to that everyday on the way to school :) And the black-and-white alphabet dress looks great with the brilliant colors!