Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trick or Treat Halloween Vintage Pin Up Skirt

Everything is totally vintage for Halloween 2013. I have been busy busy planning and working on my costume. For the first time in many years, I will not be going with a spooky or scary costume. Classic vintage glam is what I'm aiming for. I'm not going to reveal what my costume is , but you will know soon enough. I'm not sure if the skirt pictured above inspired my Halloween costume. There is a good chance that it was a contributing factor. I have plans to go to a costume ball this weekend and will take tons of photos so I can blog about it next week.

 I ordered this skirt about a month ago from Rebel Downtown. Janette, the owner of Rebel Downtown, is absolutely amazing. She is very active on Instagram and is always posting new fabulous fabrics. While peeping her IG page, I came across this glorious print. Halloween Pin Up Girls...Heck YES!!!!  I love me some girls, so Halloween girls equal boner! To order, I just sent Rebel Downtown an Instagram comment and worked with her to have something made. I love Rebel Downtown because for starters, the customer service is fantastic. Janette is always very accommodating in custom making sizes. Secondly, she never ups the price to have her items made plus size. Third, she gets the work done super fast and shipping is great. I totally respect this girl who started her business to save up money for her wedding. She is the bomb! Give her some love and check out her designs. She specializes in purses and make-up cases.

The top I paired with the skirt came from eShakti. I ordered this item custom sized. I pretty much always order custom when the item is made of poplin. Custom sizing is one of the perks of ordering from eShakti. You can order this item with or without the embroidery. I opted out because as cute as the hearts are, the shirt is a lot more versatile without them. I love the back of this shirt and wish I had taken a photo. Take a peep when you click on the link. Totally adds a touch of sexy. 

My legs are covered in We Love Colors. I hate that I had to wear these red leggings again. I really didn't plan too much ahead or I would have ordered a really bright yellow pair, the color of the moons. The red worked better than the other colors I currently have so I went with it. My shoes are American Eagle. I picked these shoes up probably seven years ago from Payless. I still love them. Classic black patent leather shoes are always in style. 

I finished off my Vintage Halloween Pin Up outfit with red lipstick, a blue bow and a Halloween pin up necklace. I designed the necklace with the skirt in mind. It was not very difficult to find a matching image online. In all I totally love this outfit and will wear this skirt all year long. It's too perfect to just wear for Halloween!!!

"Boos are just applause from ghosts" - Sharon Needles.

 Happy Halloween.




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  1. I knew this topic would be great for you! Love the outfit and the hair!!!

    1. I didn't even go crazy or with a costume. I reined myself in for this one. I got a little of the spooky out of my system with the Bunny posts. Next week I can post my costume. Woot!

  2. I love this look on you, it's perfection!

  3. Gorgeous Stina! I LOVE that skirt, OMG. I want it :) It is a must that I try this I love colour place after seeing how great they look on you though my stems are not as pretty as yours :) Can't wait to see yours and Graham's costume this Saturday ~whoot!