Monday, October 7, 2013

They're coming to get you Barbara OOTD

This past weekend I got the gift of zombies! My wonderful husband got us tickets for Night of the Living Dead Live. Night of the Living Dead Live is classic zombie fun. It is showing now in Toronto and runs until October 27th. NOTLDL is produced by the original crew, Romero, Russo and Streiner and is presented by the Hammertown boys of Nictophobia Films. If you are in the area I would urge you to check out this show. It's one of the best shows I have ever seen and is full of spooky campy awesomeness!

It was a no brainier that I would need to wear my Iron Fist Zombie flats. Iron Fist offers this design in many styles. I have seen creepers, flats, heels and even rubber boots. They have expanded this design into clothing and accessories. I own both a purse and wallet. I think it is totally fun. I kind of worked the outfit from the zombie shoes up.

I just recolored my hair this week so I think my brain was still grooving pink and red ombre. This groove totally took over my outfit. I didn't really even notice until I looked at the photos. I'm wearing We Love Colors tights in size E Scarlet Red. I'm totally loving the We Love Colors. I ordered seven more pair of tights this week for winter. They truly are the best fitting tights ever! I can't wait to blog all of them for you.

My dress is from Forever 21+ and is a size 4X. 4X weird right? I wish I could explain this to you. I did message F21 on their FB page to inquire if they would be carrying 4X on a regular basis. No one got back to me. BOOOO! 
The dress is super cute and I love it so much. It's a 4X, but I would'nt say it's a big 4X. It is only a little bigger than I have found their 3X. I can fit into some of the 3X dresses depending on material. I think it would be totally amazing if they started making larger sizes at F21. I think their pants stop at size 20:( 

Last the Hell Bunny cardigan. This one is called Little Kate and it's part of their Autumn/Winter collection. I'm wearing a size 4X. It has a great deal of stretch and the material is really nice. I love that this one is girly with a little touch of spooky. The hot pink stitched anchors with skulls and polka dots are so very. Each sleeve an embroidered  hot pink bow..adorb. I picked this sweater up at Sweet Echo Plus

I felt super awesome in this whole outfit and would suggest all of these pieces to buy. If you have any questions about anything please leave me a comment below and I will totally get back to you. 

Stina. xx


  1. Love that dress! I always lust after forever21+ stuff, but shipping to Australia is crazy. Those shoes!! I have the wallet and bag that match, the print is so awesome! Your hair looks so perfect!

  2. What size are you? I've been wondering about forever21 but I'm a size 28

    1. I'm a size 26/28 bottom and a size 24 top. My measurements are 52" 50" 64" if that helps any. I can fit into some of the 3X stuff at F21+. It is hit and miss so I try to get into the store to try stuff on.

  3. Way too lovely Stina!

  4. I need that cardigan!