Sunday, October 13, 2013

ASOS New Look Inspire Ghost Sweater


This Club is a Haunted House..Love Ms. Needles

It's my favorite time of year and that means being able to find awesome Halloween themed clothing. There`s a fine line between super rad and totally lame-0. While searching ASOS two weeks ago I came across a super spooky sweater. To be honest I went back and forth on this sweater. My first instinct was to love it, but then I questioned if it was too much of a youth style. I showed it to a friend and she said it was very Quacker Factory. I had no idea even what that meant. I looked into Quacker Factory and found their clothing to be embroidered, stuffy, mature styles. This totally helped me see the asos ghost sweater was in fact super awesomely cute!


After wearing this outfit on the weekend to go Halloween costume shopping for my children, I can tell you I am in love. This sweater is super super soft. I hate overly thick scratchy sweaters. This one is incredibly  light yet still very warm. I ordered it in a size 24 even know I normally order a 22 from ASOS. I could have probably ordered a 20. This sweater runs very big. It`s all good I can rock an oversized sweater just the same.


I considered wearing this sweater with just a pair of leggings. I think it would work awesome with them. Then, I remembered I have this great black and white checkered skirt also from ASOS. I was crazy excited to finally have the right item to wear with it. The skirt is super long so I had to do the double roll around the waist. Anyone else have to occasionally roll clothing at the waist? I have a couple skirts I have to do this with. I guess I should just hem them cause at 39 I'm not getting any taller. HA! 



I finished my outfit off with one of my creations. A white Ouija planchette necklace. This is one of my best selling items at Everyday is like Halloween. If my ghosty was going to come out to play I had to summons him with the right tools. OUIJA BOARD, OUIJA BOARD!


Boo! I scared you. Hahahahaha


  1. I've been debating on this sweater as well! It would fit perfectly into my wardrobe, but Asos packages take so long to get to me. (It's no fault of theirs, APO/FPOs are hit and miss when it comes to delivery timing.) I might still cave in and get it because I think it's just so adorable!

  2. Kitsch Vixen ASOS normally takes like 3 weeks to get to me. I'm in Canada. This sweater got to me in a week! I'm not sure why, but it was super fast this time. If you will wear this sweater after Halloween I might hold off. I imagine they will move it to the 50% off stuff once the season is done.