Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Imposter Dots

For optimal viewing gratification please enjoy this video while perusing my post.

 The theme for this month's Ahead of the Curve blog post is Gingham and Polka Dots. Choosing the team I would join was not a difficult task for me. Team Polka Dots all the way! I have always disliked Gingham for some reason, I still have nightmares over one too many force-fed episodes of Hee Haw from when I was a child. While I had to choose Polka Dots, (Like duh), I realized I have shown several polka dot looks in the past on my blog. While searching my closet for a perfect, polka dot outfit, I peeped a few frocks that were poser polka dots. These dresses glared back at me like a bad ass rebel gang, a little rough around the edges and playing by their own rules....
The Imposter Polka Dots!!!

Imposter #1
"The Skulls"

Size 26
 This summer dress has all of the charm of a sundress, but with a twist!  The chiffon over-fabric is black with small, ivory skulls all over it!  The bustline and hem feature a cute ruffle, made of black chiffon.  The straps are adjustable, it has a back zipper, and there is a tie-back feature for
a great fit!
I cannot tell a lie, I actually have owned this dress for two years. It's a Tripp brand dress that was previously available though Torrid. I was over the moon to see Domino Dollhouse was now carrying it. This piece is totally adorable and I get a bunch of compliments when I wear it. I'm considering buying another as a back up. This dress is still available in many sizes on the DD site. I would totally grab it up fast because it won't last. Want an extra 10% off?? Tess Munster always has a coupon code on her page. WOOT!

Shoes: ASOS
Size US 10
I totally love these cute Molly T-bar flat shoes. I ordered them in my normal size 10. They are not a wide shoe. In fact, they actually narrow towards the toe. I have a foot that is not overly narrow and not overly wide. I guess I would say kind of in the middle. As adorable as these shoes are I only wear them when I know I will not be doing a lot of walking. I wore them on this occasion on a 20 minute walk to and from the library and my feet were done.

Purse: 66 Umbrella 

This piece was custom made for me by the lovely Bri of 66 Umbrella. Bri is active on IG and is always posing new fantastic gothy spooky bags. I picked a few of the fabrics she had posted and she designed this one up for me. Check out her stuff and find a perfect creepy bag for Halloween!!!

Necklace: EILH
 I created this Edward Gorey "The Gashlycrumb Tinies" Necklace for my Etsy shop. I think Gorey is super rad and I love the Gashlycrumb book. 

All the other pieces in look #1 have been highlighted previously on my blog. If you have any questions about these pieces please comment below and I will point you in the right direction.    

Imposter #2
"The Beetles"

Dress: ModCloth   
 Size 4X
I recently snagged the "What'll It Beetle?" Dress at ModCloth. It was listed in the 50% off items and sold out pretty fast. I'm generally pleased with this dress. I found the fit of it a little off on me though the hips. It is fully lined in 100% cotton that doesn't stretch. I had to get a little creative and found a way it flattered my shape a little more. I added a belt and brought the bottom of the dress up an inch or two blousing it though the top.
 This is a Bea and Dot piece. I'm not sure if you would be able to find it on another site. Considering it was on sale and sold out fast I'm willing to bet some will surface on FatToo or Plus Size ModCloth/Retro Buyers and Sellers.

Boots: ASOS
Size UK7
These are like my favorite boots ever!! They are a tiny bit tight and I need to get them stretched, but I love the way they look with and without tights. They make such a statement and are perfect for all my dark spooky looks. Currently, only available in a size UK2. I hope ASOS comes out with new similar styles for the fall/winter. Keep an eye out. 

 Feedback is always welcome! Please let me know which look you preferred, Imposter #1 "The Skulls" or Imposter #2 "The Beetles"
Thanks for doing the creep and taking a peep,


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  1. Holy moly! Amazing as usual... how do you always pack so much style into one outfit! Great job :D

  2. You look amazing in both looks, but I think I prefer the second one. I LOVE your style! x x

    1. My second dress with bugs on it in a year. Oh wait I have spider dresses too. Those might count:)
      Thanks for the peep Leah.

  3. awwwww...i LOVE your hair.. this is such an awesome look!!!!!

    1. Thanks Valerie. I'm still getting use to it. Still not 100%, but I had the red for so long.

  4. "Imposter dots." Love that title. I like the new blue also; it compliments your skin tone really well.

    1. Thanks lovely. xx
      I thought Imposter dots was cute.

  5. Dresses are adorable (as to be expected), your hair is ON POINT right now (as to be expected) and you guys are a too cute family (AS TO BE EXPECTED!) xx

  6. Both of the dresses are so cute on you and you, as always, styled them perfectly!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. <3 Cherie
      I'm gonna surprise people one of these days and not wear a dress! Your jeans were so cute. I need to cute retro jeans.

  7. Gorgeous and fabulous as always, but this time the hat and glasses grabbed my attention a tad bit more. Looove! :D

  8. I adore both and your children are adorable. If forced to choose I'd pick the beetles.. The boots are to die for and I wish they were in my size... BOOO..
    The beetle dress is too cute and yay for Imposter dots!!