Wednesday, August 6, 2014

101 Body Postive Bikini Babes!!!

 I had a vision. A vision to create a wonderful, inspiring, and enlightening post for my blog. A post full of women from all walks of life, of all shapes and sizes, wearing bikinis. I believe all bodies are beautiful and you should never be ashamed or feel you should hide your imperfections for any reason. As the greatest sex goddess of our time, Marilyn Monroe said, “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
 The amazing, stunning women in this post have offered to help me show the world that you can wear a bikini at any size. All 101 of them have shared a photo in their sassy bikinis and have offered up their thoughts on wearing a bikini. That's right, I said 101 truly astonishing, body positive, bikini loving babes!! 
Please get comfortable, sit back and enjoy your time with these fabulous women. They are all killing it!! I thank them all for taking the time to be a part of my vision.

Keep Calm and Bikini at Any Size!!!!!

 "Every body is a magnificent canvas on which to create. Wearing a bikini I just show a little more of my canvas. My art is beautiful, creative and perfectly me! A masterpiece. I have included my youngest daughters Lydia (6) and Lumi (5) at the end of this post. They have loved seeing all the "pretty" girls in bikinis. They think their mom is gorgeous in hers.To them a bikini is about functionality and pretty prints. They are much to young to have started worrying about imperfections. I strive to always be a positive role model; to teach them both that all bodies are good bodies and beauty is found in imperfection."

 "I used to hate holidays because I'd have to wear swimwear, I used to go in full clothing to swim, but then I realized that you just have to accept how you are and embrace it, so I don't worry about it anymore, I loved wearing a bikini and tanning haha ;D 
Plus at the end of the day it's you who worries about your body more then other people, and if other people don't worry about how your body looks, why should you?"

"This year was the first year I felt comfortable and confident in a bathing suit... it's also the first year I ever owned a bikini. This is definitely not a coincidence. Wearing my fatkini shows how far I've come in my journey to love myself and my body, it makes me proud to see how far I've come and what an absolute fat babe I am."

 "This fatkini was the first "brave" purchase I made, as I began my travels down the path of body positivity and personal acceptance. Thanks to a lifetime of conditioning I still don't feel 100% comfortable in it, but I ADORE the feeling of actively defying society's imposed standards. Every time I put the suit on, I push my tits out and hold my head high, and I relish the feeling that I am every day moving closer to genuinely feeling as brave as I act."

 "I intend to make a statement with my fat body. I like to make people uncomfortable. I hope they rethink their beauty ideals and re-asses how they view fat people."

"This summer, I felt the air, the sun, and the sand on my midriff for the first time- and it was an eye-opening experience. To me, wearing a bikini is an act of radical self love. My virgin midriff got a little sunburn and it hurt so good."

 "This is literally the first time I wore a bikini. It was on a drag cruise. I was a little worried before I put it on, but I felt fabulous and comfortable all day!"

 "This bikini by Pink Moon Prophecy makes me feel Haute in this AZ heat."

 "The idea of limiting myself to certain types, styles, and patterns of bathing suits simply because of the shape and size of my body is absurd. I wear what I want and that includes bikinis! I look great, I feel great. So what's the problem?"

"I'm almost 25 and this has been the first summer since I was 13 that I could confidently wear a bikini after being told I was 'flat chested' and 'pudgy' in grade 8. I don't have amazing curves but I embrace what I do have.  I love the skin I'm in.  (The tattoos helped me to overcome my confidence issues)"

"I remember about two years ago, approaching a photographer wanting to do something really dramatic. Have a photo of myself taken in a one piece bathing suit. She thought it was a great idea, but i never replied to her to make a booking, I was too afraid for anyone to see my thighs. Then I started seeing people like Tess Munster and Meagan Kerr rocking bathing suits and loving themselves. I began to realize that I didn't have a problem with my body. I am 100% Vegan, I have smooth skin and I LOVE my butt. I exercise and take care of myself. This is who I am and I was brainwashed just like everybody else to hate my body. To censor my body and be ashamed. Screw that, putting this bikini on for a lot of people wouldn't be a big deal, but for me, it was a representation of me taking my life back. From everyone who had made me feel like I wasn't worthy of it, its a representation of my love of myself and of the sea. No one can take that from me anymore."

"When I'm in my bikini I feel different, but in a good way. I feel like I am uniquely me, all my similarities and differences out in the open, and that by acknowledging these differences and then setting them aside, I let people see who I am. I feel powerful and beautiful!"

 Southern Delight Barbie
"When I wear a bikini I feel very confident, I have no body shame whatsoever when it comes to showing off my curves, and I even feel sexy and I learned at the end of the day, bikinis aren't meant for size 0's anymore!!"

"Wearing a bikini makes me feel fearless and sexy. I never thought I'd be a beach bunny, but look at me now!" 

 "Being comfortable in your own body is the ultimate freedom."

Laylia and Samara
 Laylia: "I love to mix and match the colours and styles of the tops & bottoms.  It's like I have a million bikinis instead of 3! They are also good to wear fishing because there's not a lot of material to get fish guts or worm slime all over."

Samara: "My bikini makes me feel pretty and it's more comfortable. It's also awesome for swimming because no weeds go down your top and get stuck on you belly like in a one piece."
 "My bikini doesn't make me feel anything in particular or special.. just as I wouldn't suppose a "normal" size person is overjoyed to throw one on. It's practical & comfortable for playing with the kids, and that's the message I want them to understand. Being comfortable!"

 " I love my bikini body so my girls learn that everyone is beautiful"

 "When I went to the beach with my friend, she asked me if I felt brave or liberated wearing my bikini. And I did a little bit. It's kind of this weird little thrill, like when I do something I'm not really supposed to do. But mainly, I feel really, really cute in it. That's the word that's foremost on my mind when I wear my bikini. I am cute with my big, round belly and sunglasses and everything. I am cute, and it's wonderful."

"To wear a bikini is to show how I feel about myself, not how I look or how other people feel about me."

"I don't own a full bikini but that does not mean I won't be rocking my beach body this summer! This is a photo by Katie Soze I did a few years ago and it helped me love my body in all its fat lumpy bumpy glory. Learning to love my body has brought me so much peace in the war against my fat. We are now best of friends. "

"I have never worn a bikini before and was nervous. Being surround by hundreds of other gals eased that. I felt soo empowered and sexy in this. I got another for this year!"

"The minute I came out wearing this suit everyone told me how cute it was. It makes me feel funky and young, like I used to feel in high school. It helps me get my confidence back."

  "Being a bigger girl for years I used to hide my body under unflattering board shorts; this year I got past it and wore a tankini to the beach. The world didn't end, there were no nasty comments, and I even got attention from some cute strangers Way cuter and more comfortable than any board shorts I've owned!!"

"Wearing a fatkini makes me feel like there is hope. That as a fat woman I am allowed to be seen, to take up space, to dress however I please. That being fat is not a sentence to be ashamed and miserable and that we, as fat women, can celebrate our lives and the bodies we're in. Knowing that a bikini body and my body are one in the so incredibly freeing, empowering, and life altering in the best of ways."

 "This year I've started wearing a bikini for me, not for what anyone else thinks about me in it. I have trouble even saying the word "bikini" when talking about myself because I've always thought of it as something skinny girls wear. I'm not skinny so mine must not be a true bikini. But it is. And the point is that I'm trying to change how I perceive myself."

"Putting on this bikini made me feel confident and beautiful. My body isn't a secret, being fat isn't a revelation. What this bikini did for me was to reinforce the notion that every body is a good body - even mine!"

"Screw what other people think I should wear. I got a bikini body by putting on a bikini. I look great, and my tits look A+."

Gypsy Danger
"Love Yourself"

  "There's nothing more beautiful then feeling beautiful."

"Wearing a bikini makes me feel empowered.  I'm absolutely proud of my body, but obviously must cover up for work - I work as a voice teacher and as a church musician.  By the pool, I can lounge in my bikini and enjoy being comfortable in my own skin.  For so many years I restricted myself to a one-piece or a baggy T-shirt, so my belly is enjoying getting some sun these days!"

"I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect. They are much more interesting." -Marc Jacobs"

"I feel more like myself in a bikini then in anything else. I feel sexy and proud of my curves. Werq!"

"Wearing a bikini makes me feel like everyone can see all of me. It makes me feel a little insecure and conscious of my body and what I look like. I may be skinny, but my body is not my favourite thing."

"After all of the years I spent being self conscious and afraid to wear certain things, wearing a bikini is a beautiful and empowering feeling. Showing off the body I have makes me feel great!"

"Wearing a bikini makes me feel defiantly beautiful." 

"Wearing a bikini make me feel beautiful and normal just like everyone else."

"I wear bikinis cause I can, so screw it"

"Being in a bikini makes me feel beautiful. I am no different than the next beautiful woman, no matter the size, but I think every shape is gorgeous! I love the skin I'm in and I'm not afraid to show it!"

"Wearing a bikini makes me feel empowered! I am proud of being a woman and I choose to show off my curves no matter my size."

"I'm not sure if I can articulate this well, but it feels like I've snuck into the VIP section. It was something so forbidden, mainly by myself, that wearing one now feels rebellious. Who knew a little Lycra could make me feel like this?! Haha!"

"When I'm wearing this bikini, I feel sexy, confident, and better than any other girl on the beach. I honor every inch of my curves and thank God for them!" :)

"The clothes I wear reflect who I know myself to be; being true to yourself is the only way to go through life." 

 "Being a bikini babe means owning a bikini. And I mean 'owning' literally and figuratively; Girl, OWN it! This is my second summer wearing a two-piece, but it's first time I've been confident enough to be next to my beautiful friend Jeni (on the left) and take a photo together.  This photo means so much to me. I would've rather died than be seen next to a thin girl two years ago.
Neither of us is more or less sexy than the other. We are just two beautiful women who love our bodies... finally!"

"It's been years since I bought a bathing suit, so when I found one I loved I snagged it up right away. I love the way I feel in it. I feel so sexy and free. It shows off everything and I love that about it: from my breasts to my tummy to my thighs, I feel beautiful." 

"Wearing a bikini empowers me. It allows to me see parts of my body that aren't normally on display and to be at one with myself and be comfortable in my own skin. I love bikini season as it feels so good to feel the sun on the body parts I normally shy away from showing; my arms, my legs and my stomach. I honestly feel beautiful, strong and confident when I'm wearing a bikini which, to me, is the most empowering aspect of all" 

 "You define beauty, it doesn't define you."

"Growing up as a chubby girl turned fat woman, I was always told that bikinis were NOT for me. When I saw the "fatkini" trend on sites like Tumblr, I became intrigued. Could I actually wear a bikini on my fat body? If these gorgeous fat babes were, why couldn't I? I ordered my first one, and I was SO nervous to try it on once it arrived only days later. It was actually a freeing experience. I felt like a rebel. I felt like I was giving a big "fuck you" to all of those that told me what I wasn't allowed to wear on my fat body. This is the body that I have, and I'm going to wear whatever I want - and I look and feel damn good doing so!"

 "I love wearing a bikini because it makes me feel free, sexy, and confident!"

 "I have been chubby all of my life. I had been hiding myself in baggy clothes up until a couple of years ago, when I decided I am worthy of enjoying my life at whatever size I may be, and my health and happiness come first. I started wearing sleeveless tops and dresses a couple summers ago, and had wanted to get a bikini but kept thinking it was too much. Well, I saw one on forever 21's plus section and decided to just go for it. It arrived and fit PERFECTLY, even though I'm a 24! As soon as I put it on I took pictures and sent it to my friends and family, because I'd never felt so adorable and free. It's a very liberating choice, wearing a bikini, and I'm only upset that it took so long to get here.
Even if going into public in one is too much, I strongly encourage people just to try them on. And think of it practically: it's not that much skin showing. But it feels like a ton!
I could not be happier, and it's really made a huge impact on how I see myself and how I feel in a bikini, and in other more revealing pieces. I've never felt better."

"I've been hiding in one piece swimming suits trying not to be seen too much on the beach all my life. I started hating going to the beach. After starting my blog 3 years ago and reading body positive blogs I eventually decided there were nice bikini suits for me as well and discovered the beach again. It has totally changed the way I felt about my body at the beach and I finally realized I now really don't care what people think of my body, it is all about how I want to live my life and what I want to do with it."

"I feel empowered when I wear my fatkini. Maybe it's the rebel in me knowing that I'm making some people mad and uncomfortable all while helping some women feel more confident in their own skin. I'm a walking contradiction. A creature, that society and unrealistic beauty expectations has deemed unworthy and lesser, going against ignorance and pushing those boundaries. Or maybe I'm just a fat girl in a bikini. Either way, I'm f@<¥*n rocking it!"

"Wearing a bikini has been the most empowering and terrifying experience ever. Knowing that this is the body that I've got, I decided it was time to stop being afraid of it and start wearing things that I adored. Once I made up my mind to brave it out, the coolest thing happened. Because I knew that the things I was wearing looked like a million bucks on the hanger, I felt like a million bucks with them on my body. This GabiFresh bikini is no exception to the rule." 

 "Summer isn't just for size 0 ; I can put on a Two-Piece Too Face throwing a kiss"

 "I'm over 500lbs and a size 34/36. This past weekend was the first time I rocked a bikini (in public)! Top is from swimsuits4all and bottoms are woman within."

 "Never in a million years did I think I'd ever see myself in a bikini. When I took this photo I didn't really have to many intentions on posting it publicly but after awhile I just said "Why the hell not?" I was so blown away at the amount of live and support I got, not even just from other luscious ladies but people who practically came out of the wood works just to say how awesome I was and how much they loved the fatkini. I was amazed, I felt amazing. It was such an empowering turn out that I never expected."

"I made this out of a one piece suit that was too short for my long torso. I really love how it turned out. I've always been pretty confident about my body but this is definitely the sexiest I've ever felt in a bathing suit."

"Be happy! Be curvy!  Wear a BIKINI! 
Live like you're gorgeous (because you are) and carpe diem no matter what your size!"

"By wearing my bikini I am showing the world I am in love with the skin I am in! Beauty comes from within and I think that being happy and confident with who I am and my body is an important thing. I am not ashamed to love me and all my curves and rolls. I don't need to conform to what society thinks is appropriate,sexy and beautiful. I am beautiful and sexy even with all of my beautiful jiggle!"

  "Being in my fatkini makes me feel fabulous,fierce and sexy"

Miss Dottie Squish
"As a person who likes to be in front of the camera, I feel empowered to know that even though I am curvier and have a tummy I will help encourage other women to accept their bodies and wear what they would like."

"If you have to buy a bathing suit, but it for yourself. Make it something you feel amazing in not what you think other people will find acceptable." 

"Wearing my bikini gives me the opportunity to show off my curves just like everyone else who wears one. Why should I cover my body up just because I have more to show?"  

"My body is beautiful and I am the ONLY one who needs to validate that"

 "I feel sexy in my bikini Every BODY is gorgeous."

"A bikini, to me, is many things. It's a form of self expression, it's a tool of self love, it's a show of confidence, and it's a big &%$# you to anyone who thinks only a certain body type deserves to be seen in a bikini.
While I adore my ever growing bikini collection for how it shows off my body, and my confidence, I know that confidence and self love can be wrapped in a one piece as well. Wear whatever makes you happiest to the beach, pool, or anywhere else, but if you've been waiting for "some day" to wear a bikini, *today is that day*!
You're a super babe no matter what you have on; never stop believing that."

"This was the first time I wore a bikini on a very crowded beach a few days ago, I’ve worn it swimming a few times but never in such a public place. Absolutely nothing happened apart from I had a good time in the freezing cold north sea with my fiends, nobody stared or laughed or pointed and even if they did I was having too good a time to notice! It felt really freeing to not care about the opinions of strangers anymore."

"I may suffer from severe depression, anxiety and an eating disorder that cripple me on a day to day basis. But, when I put this fatkini on, it's what helps me call myself beautiful!"

  "There's so much freedom in wearing what you want, no matter your size."

"I have never been comfortable in bathing suits, even when I was smaller years ago. I saw how nice these retro looking bikinis were and thought maybe I'd try them out. I love them so much! They actually make me feel sexy and confident and beautiful. At first I was afraid to be seen in them but my friends all told me I found the perfect suits for my body type. They have helped me feel a lot better about myself and as I continue to wear them I feel a lot more love for my body than I ever did." 

 "This was the first time for me wearing a bikini / fatkini and it made me feel fabulous! I didn't just feel OK like that, I even felt sexy and good enough to go to the beach with it and have fun, being relaxed without worrying about any rolls or something!
  I think it is super important to give people ( no matter the size because even thin girls are having issues with their bodies) the strength and security they need, pushing and supporting those projects like yours"

"It was totally nerve-wracking walking in front of so many people in a bikini, but I ended up loving it."

"Wearing this fatkini makes me feel powerful, my confidence wins over my shame and it shows my demons I'm not afraid of them anymore"

 Miss Kate
"I love this photo of myself.  It's when I fully started to embrace every single facet of myself as a human being.  I saw an amazing Fat Burlesque troupe called Va Va Boombah at the start of last year (that I'm a part of now!) and seeing those babes, healthy, confident and so sexy on stage... I realized that my body looks like that, therefore I am sexy and valid too.  I've also started my own plus-size label and the last thing I think any woman should do is hide.  There is nothing sexier or more empowering than a woman with confidence - at any size!!"

 "A bikini was basically my last "I can't possibly..." clothing item and I was sick of being afraid of it. I decided this year was the year was the year I'd let go of my inhibitions.
I feel so beautiful, and more confident and liberated, than I have ever felt in my life". 

 "As far as wearing a two piece. This was my first time ever.
 As far as how I felt? Two words. Fucking fabulous."
"Finally overcoming the fear of people seeing the contours of my body. It feels great not to be limited. And to be able to wear something beautiful."

 "I have to admit I'm a sun worshiper, so a bikini is what I wear to get as much of it as possible. It makes me feel good, and that's all that matters. If people don't like what I'm wearing, it's not going to ruin my day, if the weather changes and I have to go inside, that's a different story!"

"Wearing a bikini makes me feel great... If you've got it flaunt it sista!"

"Wearing a bikini makes me feel powerful, that I'm the one in charge. Nobody can take that away from me because I'm a confident and beautiful person; no matter what size.

"I was elated when plus sized women began stepping forward and wearing daring clothing like bikinis and crop tops. I've loved the vintage style of a high-waisted bikini for years now, but I could never bring myself to slip into one, much less step out in one. I was so inspired by the body positivity movement and plus sized models like Tess Munster. I decided it was my time to be that girl. The first day at the beach, I was awkward and kept adjusting. My love handles didn't seen to contain themselves, and I was getting nervous. The next thing I knew, I got tons of compliments. I'm starting to be a little more confident in a little bit less everyday."

  "Bikini or not, it's just skin. What you should really want to show off is who YOU are - fabulous and fat, vulnerable and vivacious! The whole package, inside and out, is what makes you beautiful."

 "In my bikini I feel empowered, I feel sexy. Which is something that women of a certain size don't always feel entitled to feel. But it's OK to love how you look, to feel just as hot as any other woman!!" 

 "Wearing my fatkini makes me feel like a super colorful, badass, mega babe. I can conquer the world in a fatkini!"

"For a while I always covered my body thinking who would want to see this, and as I got older I was like I do, I want to see myself and love myself. Covering up made me so uncomfortable and uneasy with my body, but now that I wear what I want and show my beautiful body off I'm so confident and I love it."

"I feel beautiful, fierce and perfectly imperfect in this bikini! I love it!"

"I AM my struggle and I AM proud of this body. After all that it has been through it deserves a beautiful and confident mind to carry it. And that's what I am, beautiful and confident."

"This is my first time wearing a bikini. Ever. I have never felt sexier than I do when I'm wearing all that confidence."

 "When I wear a bikini, specifically this one, I feel like I can conquer the world. I want every woman to feel as confident and as beautiful as I do. I want to inspire other women to go out of their comfort zones and say, "F#@K Society!"  Besides,  I don't think a tiny body could handle all of this personality!"

"I've never gotten to wear a bikini, not even as a kid. Doing this for myself now, at this age, is a special kind of freedom. It is scary and challenging to push yourself out of the comfort zone. But so worth it."

Kyla and Andi
"Kyla gave me this suit on her birthday. Usually I hate matching with people, but I love matching with Kyla. She's the first person who gave me the confidence to wear bikinis instead of covering up my body. I started following her on Tumblr like four years ago and here we are now, irl friends. I always thought Kyla was so cute in her bikinis and now I feel cute when I wear them, too. Basically, Kyla and bikinis mean a lot to me."

"I never knew wearing less could make me think so much more of myself."

 "Whenever asked why I wear a bikini my first answer is always "because everyone deserves to be a mermaid."

"This is the closest thing to a fatkini that I've found so far--I'm still looking for one that shows a bit more skin. But I love the floral print and the pink bows, and the little peep of tummy it does show.
Ten years ago, I never could have imagined wearing a bikini, or posting pictures of myself online wearing any kind of swimsuit. I am so grateful to the fat acceptance movement, and the fatshion blog-o-sphere, for normalizing bodies like mine."

"Wearing a bikini makes me feel sexy and free! It's not the body that makes the confidence it's the girl!"

"Wearing this bikini empowered me to set my own standards and expectations of what I should or shouldn't wear, not society."

  "I feel so free when I wear my fatkini. I'm too busy enjoying myself in the water to be self conscious about how I look."

 "I feel like I truly own my voluptuous body when I wear my fatkini and get to flaunt my bust and sexy curves in a way I used to be too ashamed to."

"Missed opportunities. How I wish I could talk to my younger self. "Embrace yourself... You are fabulous." Still, the advantage of age is the opportunity to encourage the next generation of woman to love and treasure their bodies - empower them to celebrate and even show off their inherent beauty. To them I say - you go through this life once - Don't miss a single moment." 
 "Wearing a bikini makes me want to go to the water and swim" 

"I wear a bikini to cool off in the summertime"


Thank you for taking the time to creep and peep my blog. This post has truly been a labor of love. Creating it was worth every single second If I inspired just one woman to step into a two piece. 

 If you would like to check out my other bikini posts you can find them here and  here.


My Switchblade Sister Bikini  is from

 In honor of my 101 Bikini Babes post, Candy Strike has graciously offered a 15% discount to anyone who places a swimsuit order from today until August 31st, 2014. They have some killer (pun intended) bikinis, so totally creep them! They carry sizes S-4X!! I have mad love for Candy Strike.


No excuses -- go buy a suit you fierce, foxy, bikini babe!!!



  1. Magnificent Idea! Magnificent Execution! You and these women are making history Stina!

    1. Thanks for the love Affinity. Hmmmm this may be the first time over 100 woman of all shapes and sizes have been featured in a bikini blog. Kick ass!

  2. Wow. This is fantastic. What an incredible collaboration. Beautiful, brave, inspiring women of all sizes, styles and fashion. Every woman has confidence issues at some point in life. Time to love ourselves.

    1. “If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” ― MamaRU


  3. Love seeing all these beautiful women rocking bikinis!

    1. They rock my world!

      Thanks for the creep Bobbie-jo.

  4. This is wonderful- it was so great to see all these photos and read their statements! Good job, everyone!

    (also, Stina: you & your badass hair - love!) <3

    1. I'm blue baba de baba da?? HA! Whatever!!

      I'm still getting use to it. No turning back now!


  5. How amazing is this post! Such beautiful and inspiring women. I am going to do it. This summer coming I am going to rock a bikini.
    Thank you so much for being so inspiring and all the girls that joined in. xoxo

    1. Do it Yvonne!! So many cute bikinis out there for every body type.


  6. Gorgeous women. Very inspiring! Would love to see another post in the future.

    1. I would love to do this one every summer.

      Thanks for the peep.

  7. This is one of the most brilliant ideas and one of the most encouraging and inspiring posts ever! I admire and respect all these ladies so much! I would have loved to send in a photo myself, but unfortunately I don't own a good kini. Thanks to this I now feel the need to find me a cute kini to show off! Maybe I'll be a beach bunny too someday!? Kudos for this!!! ♥

    1. Thank-you Ann. I really hope to be able to do this post annually. Next year maybe you will submit! xx

  8. Hi Stina. Wow I loved every pic and comment. I still am too scared to have my pic taken in a bathing. I never even had my grad pics taken cause I have always felt im too fat and ugly. Over the last few years I have started taking "selfie's" and allowed my family to take pics of me. All of these brave ladies are a great positive role models. Thank you all for sharing. Hugz t

    1. You are gorgeous Trish!! I love your selfies on FB! Keep them coming. xx

  9. ARGH so many babes on one page!!! HOTNESS OVERLOAD!!! You're so wonderful for pulling this together. You totally rock :) And CANDY STRIKE BIKINI!!! I need one so bad. Now might be the time :) :) x

    1. Now is the time Kobi!!! My suit is perfection. I love that you can get all the designs in all the styles. Candy is boss!
      Thank- you for submitting you photo. xx

  10. I GODDAMN LOVE THIS POST! Thanks for putting it together. You've inspired me to buy a bikini! If you ever do round 2 of this, I'm in! x x

  11. thank you so much for including me :) by the way I wished I knew the link to some of these beauties's blog so I could see more of their style

  12. This rocked my world and you are beautiful and so is everyone pictured above. :) Please do another so that I may locate my ovaries and contribute!!!

  13. So today I purchased a swimsuit- its a size 22 one piece with skirt attached so not quite a bikini but I didnt get any board shorts! Letting the thighs free!! This is a HUGE step for me and its all thanks to this blog post! thanks Stina xx

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    Very few git over it...
    those which art deceased
    to name a few.
    I feeel your pain, earthling.
    God bless you.

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