Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mondo Guerra Crocs and Mismatched Polka Dots

The theme for this month's Ahead of the Curve collective is Miss Matched. Mixing colors, prints and textures can be risky, but if you do it right, it can be smashing! The first person that came to mind when planning my look this month was Mondo Guerra. Mondo is a huge inspiration and an off-the-hook style icon. Mondo also knows how to rock a mismatched look, like totally.
Recently, Mondo teamed up with Crocs to put out a collection of stunning print shoes. The designs are mirrored from some of his most popular Project Runway looks. Currently, exclusive to the Crocs NY 34th street location, there's a rumor they will be available online in up coming months. I was lucky to get friend and fellow blogger Marcy Cruz to scoop us up some pairs. I had to have them the day they came out. According to Marcy, the staff at the NY 34th Street Crocs location are top-notch. She was treated like a queen and given coupons for future Croc purchases. She has been back three times buying Mondo Crocs!!  I don't blame her. They are perfection. I totally love mine. The pattern is heck-a-cute and you can't find a more comfortable shoe to wear for summer. For all of those who have stuck your nose up at Crocs, I urge you to give them a try. They are not the ugly worker shoes of the past. With Mondo's prints, how can they be anything, but fabulous! Oh and did you see the packaging? Adorable!

Working from the tips of my dotty Crocs up, I wanted to create a mismatched polka dance of spots for this theme. Polka dots big, small, mix them up, I love them all. I wasn't sure it would all pull together in the end, but I think it did? I love it anyways!! I picked up my leggings at Torrid in size 2X. They are covered in sheer polka dot burn outs. What I loved about them was the prospect of layering bright colored tights underneath. I have some lime green tights that should work quite nicely for a future look. I opted to go for a layered dress look. This was a snap decision that I feel worked out in the end. I really could not decide which dress to wear and when I could not find my polka dot shirt for under my pinafore dress, I just layered the dresses instead. The under dresses I picked up some months ago from ASOS. It's unfortunately no longer available. The pinafore dress I got from City Chic in size XXL. I really enjoy a pinafore dress and have gotten lots of use out of this one. It's currently on sale for more than 50% off with free shipping. I would get on it if you like it, since it will soon be gone. To finish off my look, more dots! Vintage polka dots gloves from Etsy. I'm always hunting on Etsy for vintage accessories. I fell in love with these large polka dot print gloves. I picked up my sunglasses at ModCloth. They are currently out of stock. I found a comparable pair that are equally excellent on Ebay. Oh and they are only $6.95!!!
I love my mismatched mixed up Mondo dotty outfit. I had actually been kind of sweating this theme because mismatching prints is out of my comfort zone. I'm going to add mismatching to the list of styles to embrace this year. There's no dot about it, this look is on point! 


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  1. BRAVO! I freaking love this, Stina!

  2. Love it! You look fantastic, as always!

  3. Nicely done Stina - love this combination. I need those shoes :)

  4. not fair! I need a pair of those shoes!!!

  5. Wow, what a great job you did with this. I'm in love with those leggings.

  6. Totally, freaking, adorable! Mastery of the mix and match!

  7. Ugh! Those shoes! I love Mondo! So Jealous! <3