Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Candy Strike Teenage Jezebel Cry Baby Tee

For optimal viewing gratification please click and enjoy this wicked  themed video while perusing my post.


I'm so freaking thrilled to be sharing my first blog post about Candy Strike. What I love about Candy Strike is their unique off beat screen printed threads and killer designs. Designer Elizabeth Denneau has mad skills and amazing taste. Denneau's newest collection titled Teenage Jezebel, is a tribute to the pope of trash Mr. John Waters. It features designs inspired by the movies Hairspray and CryBaby. This collection is for the misfit and rebel in us all. So if you aren't afraid to express your inner bad girl/boy, check it. The collection includes dresses, skirts, double-sided clutch bags, crops and tees. All items are available in sizes S-4XL. One of the awesome things about this collection is you can custom select your tee style. I ordered my tee with a scoop neck at regular length. You can also opt to order it with a regular neck or as a crop top. Sweet! I have been drying to try a crop for a while and it's always nice to have options. Actually most of the items in the collection can be customized. They are all made in shop by the Candy Strike team. If you're interested in custom it's as easy as a quick email.

I  picked up a couple pieces when this collection was released on March 28th. This is the first look I have put together. The look is pretty classic high school hellcat. I paired my Wanda  Beat It Creep Tee (3X) with a red pencil skirt I got from Pink Clove. This skirt is on sale right now for 6 pounds! It is still available in most sizes up to size 32. I wanted my look to have a traditional pin up cinched waist. I threw on an old Torrid belt I've had for years. I think it pulled together the shirt and the skirt. I wanted to show a full visual look of my Wanda tee so make note of the photo towards the middle where I have untucked my shirt and removed my belt. This tee from Candy Strike is a really nice length. I can wear it tucked, flipped under or straight down long. It makes it nice to style with different skirts and pants. I will wear a tee tucked in with a skirt, but never pants. As I recently revealed I'm super scared of body conscious looks. This was out of my comfort zone. However, I'm owning this one and looking bad ass! 



  1. You better werk, Stina! Love it! Straight up dopeness.

  2. That attitude makes me swoon more than a little. And how is your hair so flawless?