Monday, February 17, 2014

My American Horror Story Coven Influenced OOTD

For optimal viewing gratification please click and enjoy this outstanding themed video while perusing my post.



I'm totally obsessed with the fashion from American Horror Story Coven. All the hats, gloves and scarves take me back to my youth in the 80s. I used to wear hats and gloves all the time. I'm not really sure why I stopped. I'm totally bringing it back. I put together this look to show off my new floppy hat. I picked this hat up on Ebay for $11 shipped!! How can you refuse for that price. While it is not quite as big as I would like it totally works. I hope I will find one a little larger in the near future. 

The dress I'm wearing is from Pink Clove. I picked this dress up about a month ago. Unfortunately they no longer have it in stock. I was late to the party with this dress. When I found it, it was on clearance. I think I picked it up for $15 plus shipping. The price point on the stuff at Pink Clove is excellent. Some of the stuff is typical and not overly exciting, but they did have a few stand out pieces like my dress. When I found my dress I totally feel in love with it. I was really fond of the ombre like fade on the fabric and the wiccan inspired print. I'm not sure that the light mid section of the dress is very flattering on my figure. It doesn't much matter because I love the style of it so much. I will still wear the heck out of this piece. 

I have always been a scarf girl. I buy a lot of scarves. I really love them, but I don't actually wear them that often. They mostly hang around my house looking fabulous. When I saw this triangle eye print scarf at ASOS I knew I MUST own it. It reminded me so much of Sioux Sue and my favorite years in the 80s. This scarf is huge. As you can see from the images it hangs all the way to the ground. I am 5'6. I will be able to use this scarf so many ways. I will love looking at this one hanging around. It really makes me smile every time I see it.

I finished off my look with a new shade of lipstick, Purple!. I have not worn a purple lip in many years. To tell you the honest truth, I had kind of forgot it was a lipstick color. I get so wrapped up in my varying  shades of red, I sometimes get lost. I have been into trying matte lip stains lately. I picked this one up at Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. I'm wearing shade 3 Witches. I wasn't sure I could pull this color off, but I'm really happy with it. I was not able to find a purple lipstick that was matte and had staying power at Sephora. My Pretty Zombie stain was $11 and shipped really fast. I would love to hear feed back on any stains you have tried. I'm always looking for new lips. 

In this outfit I feel completely dressed to kill and I could be the next supreme. 


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