Monday, June 17, 2013

Torrids Ouija Board T-shirt

Sharon Needles - Call me on the Ouija Board

Feeling like the love child of Catherine Deneuve and Sharon Needles
I'm doing a blog!! Woot Woot! This is something I have wanted to do for quite sometime but honestly have been kinda scared of. I love fashion and loving dressing up so obviously the thought of showing that off to others....Totally awesome! Writing about myself and fashion...Not so awesome. I don't see myself as a very good writer but screw it. Not everything we do is going to be easy and it's probably good to go outside of our comfort zone now and again. That is what I have been trying to do the last year or so with fashion. I'm currently pulling off stuff I never thought I could and it feels great. It also feels truly amazing to hear what other girls built like me think of my fashion sense. 
My style steams a lot  from my 80's roots. I guess old habits die hard for this ex batcaver. Good thing many of the current styles are retro throw backs. Can you says Leggings, Leggings, Leggings!! I'm obsessed. I find myself surfing daily to find that new rad pair I just can't live without. Leggings work perfect for me because I have less than stellar legs and let's be honest they help with the horrid inner thigh chub rub. The leggings I'm wearing the in the picture above are from Debs. I have found that Debs are carrying tons of cute leggings this year. I'm a size 26/28 on the bottom and find their size 3X fits me great. I have had trouble getting leggings to fit perfect over the years. I suffer from wide hips/thighs and narrowish calfs and ankles. My leg is kinda shaped like a big meaty chicken drum stick. You know how you use to say skinny girls had chicken legs will this fat girl is also sporting a pair. I mostly try to wear a skirt over my leggings because of this. It's what is comfortable for me now. Something that might change in the near future as I get more adventurous. I have wanted to try wearing a pair of shorts over leggings for sometime but have been afraid. I use to rock this style back in the day and hope to pull it off again. Another 80's style I'm super happy has returned...I'm going to date myself by saying this but peter pan get away boots!!! Love them! I'm a boots kinda girl..Doc's, army, knee high, thigh high, ankle, whatever! To me a girl in a pair of boots will always rock the casbah. Oh and last but not least lace. I love seeing lace returning. Lace was always a staple for me when trying to stay covered but cool. For years I would not show my arms and shrugs were not even an option. I don't think they hit the fashion world until the late 90's. Lace was the way to go for any dark doll who wanted to stay covered but look oh so spooky and goth. So there we have it leggings, boots and lace...Love them all. Excited they are all back with the 80's surge.

Pieces of Stina 

Jacket: Torrid size 4
Shirt: Torrid size 4
Skirt: Torrid size 4
Leggings: Debs size 3X
Boots: Ardene size 10
Necklace: Everyday is like Halloween


  1. Yeah! I'm super stoked you are doing a Blog. Look forward to following your fabulous finds!

  2. I saw a pic of you in the Ouija board t a few days ago and was like OMG perfect! And she looks great and is the same size as me! But they don't have the shirt in my size online any more :( I will be following your blog!

  3. Battynctn They stocked this shirt two times this year. I know Hot Topic has stocked a version of this shirt a couple years in a row. Let's hope they see how popular and wicked it is and stock it again!