Wednesday, August 12, 2015

101 Body Positive Bikini Babes 2015 Edition

In 2014 I had a vision, a vision to create a wonderful, inspiring, and enlightening post for my blog. A post full of 101 women from all walks of life, of all shapes and sizes, wearing bikinis! I believe all bodies are beautiful and you should never be ashamed nor feel you should hide your imperfections for any reason. As the greatest sex goddess of our time, Marilyn Monroe said, “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

 Last year's Body Positive Bikini Babes post was a huge success. The post reached over 10,000 views, I was interviewed by and the interview was also shared by The Huffington Post.
I would love to make this year even bigger and better, showing the world once again that you can bikini at ANY size!!!
Below you will find photos and quotes from OVER 101 women.   Every single one of these woman has offered up their thoughts on wearing a bikini and would like to show the world that you can feel great and look fashionable wearing a bikini at any size. 
Lets stop hiding in full coverage suits and show the world how fierce and fabulous all bodies are.



 "What you put on your body should make you feel confident, beautiful, and sexy; and it isn't anyone else's business. It took me a bit of time in regards to the bikini to learn that society shouldn't dictate what's acceptable for anyone to wear. It's an amazing feeling when you realize that fact, internalize it, grow to accept it and in turn wear whatever you want to wear rather than what society says you should. I aim to be a positive role model for my children and teach them that all bodies are beautiful and that they can wear what they like at any size. Again this year my two daughters Lydia (7) and Lumi (6) wanted to be a part of my 101 body positive babes project. You will find their entries at the bottom of the post."

Ashley Jean

"Never thought I'd ever feel confident enough to wear a 2 piece swimsuit (let alone have my picture taken in one) but here I am! Hope you all know how beautiful you are no matter the shape, size, color, or whatever! Want a bikini body? Buy a bikini and put it on your body!" 


"Being a woman of size, wearing a fatkini has shown me just how far I've come with my body and my own self-confidence.  It has been my way of telling the world that my body is mine and no one else's and I'm never going to hide myself again.  It's been my way to say: I'm fat and happy and you can't stop me from doing anything!"


"I've learned a lot about myself in the past year, but more about others. Being a plus model during this body positive revolution has opened my eyes to all the beauty within this community. Body positivity comes from within. Love yourself, and your love with become contagious; you'll inspire others without even trying."


"What you need to be able to wear a bikini: a skeleton! A bikini bottom has two holes in it: put your legs through those. A bikini top is like a bra: put your boobs in it - (or out, depending on what beach you're at). And there you have it. For us big girls, yes, some people might stare. But that's only because they're recognizing your unabashed confidence and they're thinking, "That girl has balls. She must be the coolest person here." Don't be shy anymore!  Every time you wear your fatkini to the beach, somewhere a fat-hating internet troll dies."


"Makes me feel great. If Whitney Way Thore can rock a bikini on the beach then why can't I"

Photo: Raul Rodriguez

"All I want to do is live my life, follow my heart, and pursue my dreams - if I choose to do it in a #dreamyfatkini who cares?"


"I have spent the last year warming up to and becoming obsessed with crop tops, so the next step was bikini's. I feel comfortable and confident wearing them around the house, but posting to my instagram was a whole new level for me. But the HUGE positive response quieted my jitters and made me feel ready to rock it at the beach and pool!" 


"I absolutely love my fatkini makes me feel sexy. Who said big girls can't rock it just as fierce!!"


 "Hiding because of your insecurities will only hold you back from overcoming them."


 "I have been body positive my entire life thanks to an amazing family. I've never once felt like the "fat friend" and I know my supportive parents are the reason why I never saw myself as different. I've never been too shy to the hit the beach but alas, Torrid bathing suits being so pricey meant I was rocking the same suits for a bit. Thanks to Forever 21+ that's all changed and I'm now the proud owner of several of their fatkinis!
I love myself. I love being an educator and changing young minds, especially when it comes to how they view the word "fat". I love being an outspoken fat feminist who isn't scared to make others uncomfortable by being comfortable and happy in everything I do!"

"Two years ago I went on my first holiday with the boyfriend and in my suitcase I had packed a bikini. I wasn't sure if I would wear it.
But I did. And it felt so good.
So I wore one last year, too.

This year I already have a collection of Bikinis. This is my favourite one, because I love the colours.
I feel free in a Bikini. Nowadays I don't care if people stare, talk about me or what they think. I just want to enjoy the rare warm and sunny days in Germany. And so I just do that!" 



"I never in my life thought I would EVER put a two piece on. I was always afraid. And not of what people thought but what I would think. I assumed that I would feel ridiculous.  I thought of all the time I spent believing that I was too ugly and too fat to exist next to other women when I was younger . But once I got home and tried it on,I felt so beautiful! I've never been more comfortable in my own skin. I realized that it's just another article of clothing. It doesn't make me any more, or any less, of a women. And I realized that only I have the power to take charge of how I feel about my body. Now, no one can take away the deep love I have for myself and finally, my body. I've only got one. I might as well cherish it!"


“The first time I wore a fatkini I wanted to curl up into a little ball and disappear. I felt exposed and terrified because by donning it I burned the social contract that says fat women shouldn’t wear a bikini, I removed the security blanket of social acceptability. I felt like a failure. BUT the next time the opportunity arose to wear it I took it (what can I say I’m stubborn) fully expecting to still feel awful in it, BUT instead I felt empowered and free. Every time since then rocking a fatkini feels better and better. It fills me with pride in this amazing body I live in and makes me feel like I’m radiating radical self love for everyone to see.” 

 Hollie and Katie

"Body confidence has been a long journey for me. One piece of advice I would give you is to find a body positive friend who understands that all bodies are good bodies. I found Katie and together we have become a body positive force to be reckoned with. Hence why this picture was made!"


"The confidence the bikini gives me empowers me to be myself. I don't have to hide anymore. I'm finally me! And I look hot!"


"See this? Get used to it! Plus size individuals in bikinis should become the norm." 


"I was determined that 2015 would be the Summer of the Fatkini. I did a lot of searching for my favorite and I legit cried when I put mine on. I had been conditioned to only wear one pieces with skirts and still feel ashamed of my body, but trying my bikini on, I felt sexy. I felt like I was allowed to be sexy, which is something I never got to feel."


"I have always had to be strong on the inside to get through some rather tough things in my life. When I put on this pin up inspired bikini, I feel strong on the outside too!"


"Wearing a bikini for the first time in my life as an adult was liberating. I feel free. I feel confident. I feel myself. I'm beautiful from the inside out now and always."


"Wearing a bikini makes me feel free! This is the first time I think I've EVER worn one in my 34 years!"


"There was a time in my life when wearing a bikini was the last thing I would have ever imagined doing — a time when I hated the body I saw in the mirror, and hated the person inside of it even more. But I decided one day, that my body was worth loving. I — was worth loving!!! A little over a year ago, I challenged myself to wear my first two-piece since my childhood. The earth didn't crumble around me... The tides rolled in as they always had, and the world kept turning just the way it did they day before, and the one before that. I knew then and there, that wouldn't be the last time I rocked a fatkini! So here are my stretch marks in all of their sun-kissed glory; my love handles, pale and soft; my thunder thighs, strong, beautiful, and dusted with sand; and most of all, here is my inner strength, because it took a lot of work to get here, and I love the person I've become!"


"I just started wearing regular bathing suits about 6 years ago. And somehow still had it stuck in my head that I couldn't possibly wear a bikini. But I kept seeing other beautiful and empowering women rocking them and it really helped me to finally do what I want to do. The moment I put this on i knew I made the best decision. Loving your body is the best feeling!" 


"Wearing a bikini makes me feel empowered. When I was athletic and at a socially determined "healthy" weight, my culture taught me that I was still "too fat" to wear a bikini. Now, at my biggest,  I have come to realize that all bodies are bikini bodies. Wearing a bikini as a fat woman, I feel like I am making a statement and setting a positive example for social change."

 Kandi Kalistar

"The most rewarding experience and best feeling ever is freeing
yourself from the competitive prison we, as women, put ourselves in.
When you can live life without any and all inhibitions you are truly


 "At my biggest I wore a bikini..better late then never" 


"I love this bikini top so I dared to wear the whole bikini! I have to love my own body for how well it works considering I have had diabetes for 5+ years. Just go for it!"


"Cos sometimes you just gotta say fuck it and wear your fatkini to the Grand Canyon."


"Beauty is not defined by the number on the scale, and neither should your wardrobe.  Wear what you love and makes you feel good!"


"Wearing a fatkini makes me feel powerful. Like I am saying to the world 'I love myself and this body of mine, no matter what you think!"


"Wearing my very first bikini made me feel carefree and gleeful, ready to splash in the pool and bask in the sunshiny feeling of finally taking that leap to wearing a two piece!"


"I never thought I could ever wear suits like this because of my shape. I always thought they were for skinny girls and would sit weird on me, but seeing a curvy girl like Nicki Minaj rock the same kind of suit, I thought 'What's stopping me? She looks amazing, and I could totally rock it just like she does!' So thanks for the confidence boost Nicki!"


"I feel absolutely fabulous in my bikini! This summer I am going to be strutting around with confidence and not caring for a second what others may think!"


"Wearing a bikini feels natural to me I wore one when I was five years old...why should I stop now?  I wear it for me, not for anyone else's opinion...its what I like."


"Being in my fatkini makes me feel free, after spending most of my life swimming in one-piece swimsuits with baggy T-shirts over them. By wearing my fatkini I feel like I'm saying, "this is me, world!"


  "Love wearing swim wear, I feel free with all my imperfections that are perfect in every way"


"Putting on a bikini is probably one of the most empowering things I've done in my life. To say 'to hell with what people think' and simply exist in my fat body, it's my own personal revolution. I get dirty looks sometimes when I wear  it, I've heard snide comments and I've been told I need to change my body, but have no fear, your favorite fatty is still here! I wore this bikini all last summer and now this summer I'm back at it. Showing that women don't have to be a certain size to be able to look hot in a two piece. I've always felt like I wasn't unworthy, or that I should hide myself but now I just realized how fabulous I am. I'm rockin' this look and so can anyone, if they put their mind to it."

"My weight has fluctuated a lot over the years, but for most of my life, I've been big.  I've always been self conscious and too concerned about what others might say.  The older I get, though, the more I realize that no mater who you are, what you look like or what you do, you will always have critics and people who feel they have the right to make comments on your existence, even if they don't know a thing about you or your life, so you might as well enjoy life and learn to tune out the haters.

My husband and I were planning on going on a Carribbean cruise with his entire family.  I relish the opportunity to go swimming at the beach since we don't have any where I live, but wearing a swimsuit in public has not always been the most comfortable thing.  In the past, I'd look for swim dresses or swim shorts to put over a suit that covered as much of me as possible.  The only problem is that the ones I found often made me feel matronly, but it was better that than show more skin than I had to.

About a year ago, a friend turned me on to plus sized model Tess Holliday's Facebook page.  She is fairly similar in size, shape, and build to me, so I started following her, and saw her post numerous pictures of herself in bikinis.  Yes, they showed her midsection, but they were very flattering on her and she wore them with such confidence!  The more pictures she posted, the more I kind of wanted one myself.  So when I found out about the cruise, I made the decision that I was going to go for it and actually purchased a couple of bikinis.  Before the trip, we were invited to a swim party for our younger cousin's birthday.  I decided to "test the waters" by wearing one of my bikinis for the first time in public.  It was scary at first, but no be really seemed bothered by it, so that only encouraged me to wear them more.

When it came time for the trip, I wore my bikinis both at the beach and at the pool and spa on the ship.  I had built myself up to ignore any mean or nasty comments people might make and not let them bother me.  Except there were no nasty comments or snickering, at least none that I heard.  Most people didn't seem to care, or if they were disgusted by the fact that my midsection was showing and they could see the cellulite on my upper thighs, they kept it to themselves.  Even if they hadn't, I was determined not to let it bother me.  When I was at my most vulnerable, walking or standing around in my bikini without a cover up on, a few people struck up friendly conversations with me, most of them men.  They weren't hitting on me or anything, just making friendly chit chat, and they didn't make a single comment about my body or the fact I was showing more skin than a fat woman should in public.  It only empowered me more.  The fact of the matter is, a lot of people are decent enough to let you be who you want to be.  The ones who try to bring you down because they don't agree with your existence, aren't worth your time."



"I really love wearing a bikini and showing girls its okay to love yourself and be confident!"


"I only recently started to wear bikinis at 26; both because there are more cute options in my size nowadays and I've grown up believing that bikinis are 'not for my body type' and only now do I have the self confidence to say, "Forget that! I have a bikini body because I'm putting a bikini on my body". And not only do I look good, they're actually more comfortable and supportive!"


"Warning:string bikinis are totally impractical for a surf beach but fun nevertheless"


"When I'm naked I feel so empowered and free. When I wear clothes, that's the only time I ever really acknowledge my bulging and fat rolls. I do however feel as if my bikini gives me a sense of freedom to embrace my body and show off what happiness looks like from the inside out. As a model, people expect you to be this confident girl who isn't bothered by anything or anyone but believe it or not this will be my first summer in a bikini and also for the first time in my life I finally feel free of fear and shame. I am Change in Loving myself, my body, and my freedom to do so one day at a time=)"


"Having a bikini body is a state of mind. I love wearing my bikinis, I love taking pictures in my bikinis and I love flaunting my amazing fat ass in a bikini all over the beach!" 


"I think that so many women are conditioned to think that their bodies are not 'beach body ready' - but if we're honest, it's actually a very small percentage of women who feel that they can confidentially flash the flesh at the seaside. So why not overthrow those ideals? I choose to embrace my fat, my wobbly and curvy bits, my cellulite, my BODY, as it is. I, and so so many other women, can totally rock it on the beach <3"


"This suit makes me feel like a pinup diva"


"Last year was my first time wearing a bikini...I use to be ashamed of my body and thought an oversized Tshirt was A MUST with your swimsuit... So glad I'm not that stupid girl anymore. Surrounding myself with beautiful confident females ; I've learned to love every muffin and roll in my bakery...


"This is my bikini pic. For years I have struggled with my weight and have been smaller the gained the weight back. So finally at 26 I decided to stop making my happiness about my weight and love my body the way it is. I love that I can finally put on a bikini and feel sexy"


"There's a joy that comes with loving yourself no matter other people think of you. My body might not be perfect but to me it's a beautiful imperfect work of art❤"️


"I'm actually a mermaid"


"I never really struggled much with self confidence. Maybe it comes from living in the Deep South and being forced to dress for the heat before I had a reason not to. But the fatkini revolution that has taken the world by storm has pushed me to a new level of self acceptance that I didn't know was possible. Body positivity has become such a huge part of my life that it's now even bled into my professional life as a writer and I cannot wait to share the love with my readers."


"It took me 20 years to try and love my body, after one baby and one on the way (I'm 28 weeks pregnant in this picture) I've learned that there isn't anything more empowering than allowing yourself to love your body, as it is. For me it was a huge obstacle, and now its an everyday ritual of self love."


"I love wearing a two-piece because it makes me feel empowered, liberated, and free. It's my way of giving those beach-body police the proverbial middle finger."


"How to get a bikini body:

Step 1: put on a bikini and stop caring what everyone else thinks!"

"I have been overweight for my whole adult life, which has made me insecure about the way I look to myself and others. It honestly was the practice of yoga that helped me get to where I am now. The classes are great for your body and also for your mind. They teach you about self love and to treat your body as a temple. So here I am now in my bikini loving every inch of my body and I would not want it any other way. I hope my pictures will inspire other people to love themselves no matter what" 


"I will never go back to wearing a one piece suit. I feel confident and sexy in a two piece.  I'm so glad I finally realized what a rockin bod I have!" 


"There is no wrong way to wear a bikini!"


"Being in a two-piece makes me feel sexy, fabulous and free!!"


"My curves are made for bikinis!" 


"Wearing a bikini means not hiding my body and less fabric. I love my bikinis because I can mix and match and feel sexy in them."


"This is the first time I wore a bikini since I was about 12. When I was a teenager, not only I didn't wear a bikini, I wore *trousers* to go to the beach. I had these trousers made of bikini fabric and I got in the sea with them because I was ashamed of my body and cellulite. Now I'm free. I still felt a little nervous at the beginning, but soon I forgot all about the insecurity and had loads of fun. My boyfriend was very supportive. He said I looked amazing and that the bikini really suits me =) His support certainly helped, but I was the one who fought the shame for many years until I felt confident enough to even buy a bikini. Today I feel victorious. I fought and I won. I'm free."


"When I have my bikini on, I feel like the babely shit kicker that I am!"


"I have a hard time being comfortable in my own skin. Wearing this bikini and seeing how my husband looks at me makes that all go away though. I feel gorgeous in it!"


"This year I bought my first ever bikini. Teenage me used to dream of this day, the day I could wear a two piece bathing suit in public and feel sexy, confident and comfortable. But in my dreams  it was only because I was magically thin, tanned and stretch mark free. Never in a million years would I have thought it would be possible to except myself  the way I was. Yet here I am years later unapologetically rocking a two piece and its way better then any dream of conforming. Its liberating, exciting and empowering and lets face it that's way more my style!"


"I love swimming and relaxing at pools - swim suits make that possible. We should never let our insecurities stop us from doing something we love. We all have bodies - nothing shameful about any of them."


 "Every woman is beautiful no matter the shape or size! Our flaws and scars are our stories. They should be celebrated. They say " Ive arrived and this is what I've endured to get here!"


"I love wearing a bikini. I feel strong and beautiful. And bombshell GORGEOUS! All I need is a slick set of shades and a fierce red lip and I'm ready to play beach blanket bingo!" 

"Everyone talks about confidence like it's the end goal, my goal has always been to unlearn all the bullshit that society has taught me so that I can live my life knowing I'm worthy of love and respect... turns out that's made me pretty confident."

 Brittany (Left)

"I refuse to let anyone diminish the joy I find in life because they don't like the shape of my body. I refuse to diminish my own joy because I'm not society's ideal body type. I love my body and I love myself. No one can take that away from me.
Being sexy and proud in a bikini is a part of my self love journey and it makes me feel unstoppable!"


"Wearing my bikini makes me feel like the sexist woman alive!"


"There is nothing more liberating than learning to love yourself unconditionally."


 " I feel bold and womanly in my bikini. It's like here is my body and I am not hiding under a moomoo it's hot as hell outside "


"This suit was a present to myself for loosing 80 pounds, it is a reminder of all my hard work. I almost was too scared to wear it but when I put it on it just felt right. Rainbows make me happy."


"Learning to love and embrace my body as it is right now, has been empowering. This was the time in over 8 years that I wore a bikini and it felt amazing! And guess what? Even if anyone that day thought or said "That fat girl should not be wearing that" I could have cared less. I'm done hiding my body, and I'm done putting my life on hold while I wait to be a certain size. I'm loving myself completely as I am this very moment-- no looking back!"


"Be you, be proud, live out loud! Young or old, be brave, be bold...never quit & take no shit."


 "Wearing my Fatkini makes me feel frisky and sexy!  This one simple garment was verboten for the first 46 years of my life. Wearing it was liberating in a way I never imagined. Just putting it on is simultaneously an act of rebellion as well as self-love!  The next 46 years will be my Dilligaf years for sure!"


"I am yet to find a bikini top that fits or supports my bust so until then it is bikini bottoms, glassesporn, sunscreen and a smile from this fat mama! ❤️ "


"I love the way the sun feels on my cute belly. ❤️"


"This was my first time wearing a bikini to the beach. I had so much fun and felt like the cutest fat babe. I love the way the sun feels against my bare skin, and in a bikini there is more for those rays to reach!"

 Nova Kayn

"I started wearing these bikinis about 3 years ago. To date, since I grew up wearing one pieces, I still find myself rubbing my belly skin. Shocked that this area of my skin can now see the light of day. Personally though, I do not like the term "fatkini" which is attempting to make this fat accessible and acceptable. It is just a high waisted bikini. Skinny, fat, tall short, it's still a high waisted bikini. We want to be treated like everyone else, then we don't need to put a fat spin on it to make it appealing to us plus size ladies. I'm proud of myself in this piece and even though I get weird looks that should make me selfconsious,  it fuels me to keep my head up high.  Remember you are beautiful,  nobody and no body can take that away from you"

Photograph by Brandi Seely

 "Growing up, there were plenty of reasons I was taught to hide my body: too fat, too jiggly, too pale, too many stretch marks, too many freckles, too little ass, too little breasts, too many curls, too many chins. By nearly all accounts, my body goes against every beauty standard we have. I grew up anxious and afraid, always trying to "suck it in" just a little bit more. I wore clothes that were two sizes too big and swallowed me whole to protect the world from seeing any small glimpse of my rolls. My transformation to a bikini didn't happen over night. It happened slowly, over the course of a few months, and quickly after transitioning from a swim-dress to a tankini. I realized that the less I cared, the more fun I had, and to my complete shock, the world did not stop when I went swimming in my bikini. If people stared, I didn't notice, and if they were, I hope they got to see me in all of my splendid glory. I hope they saw the genuine smile on my face; heard the joyous laughter from my mouth; saw the sunshine pouring out from within me. I'm still as big as I was two years ago, and yet somehow, I feel like the old me was 10 sizes smaller; a shell of who I am now, stuck frozen in the narrow box that society put me into. I look at the person in this photo and I feel a pride so deep, but most importantly, I feel a release; a release from the anxiety and stress of never-ending expectations; freedom from the dark, lonely box that housed me for so very long."


"I love how I feel when I'm wearing my bikini. It makes me feel beautiful and sexy."


"Fat and Fabulous! This bikini is hot and I make this look Good!"


"Wearing a two piece for the first time since I was 7 years old, has quickly shifted from feeling frightening to freeing now that I have fully embraced my whole body! It was also notable that on this day I was one of the only people wearing a bathing suit at this public city lake, and I felt like my belly, thighs, and I were making a bold statement of self-love greeting the sun - a perfect example of why I began my #FuckFatPhobia campaign to eradicate this societally pervasive pathologizing fear of fatness."

Photograph by Rebecca Northcott

"I created the hashtag #beachEMbody, because to embody is to take ownership. I am owning my beach body!"


"Redefining beauty one bikini babe at a time!"

Photography by Cheremar Photography

"Wearing a bikini is a delicious treat that everyone should try, regardless of age, size or gender. Just have fun and be a badass!"


"Wearing a bikini makes me feel fantastically brave! And I don't give a damn for the trolls. This is my real estate. "

 Photograph by House of Winter

"Wearing a bikini, to me represents; the years of hiding my body underneath baggy shirts and one piece suits during summer, it represented the diets I would torture myself with knowing full well I wouldn't loose enough weight to be 'summer body ready', it represents the shame I felt as fellow beach goers stared and made whale jokes and saying Screw IT! My curves are glorious and I love them and I'll be damned if someone will shame me in to covering them for one more day!."


"I love fatkinis because by being open about my body with myself and putting myself out in a space that previously would have shamed me for wearing what I love and feel comfortable in, it makes people acknowledge the existence of people who look different but are also deserving of the same respect that they would grant people of smaller sizes. I also enjoy being a part of such a supportive community that are all beautiful and caring of one another."


"A year ago I entered into a plus sized beauty pageant. All girls were a size 18 or bigger and some of the most stunning, confident ladies I have had the privilege to meet. I was nervous as heck getting up on stage in front of a crowd of strangers but even with my extra lumps, bumps and jiggly bits I still got cheers and applause; it was a very liberating experience and gave me the confidence to embrace my body and not feel I have to cover it up at the beach!"


"For the first time in my life I not only felt completely comfortable in a swimsuit, but I felt sexy as well. I was empowered. Wearing this made a statement to every single person, I'm confident, secure, and feel sexy all while I'm also fat. That's something people notice. But I didn't fear their glances or their judgment or crave their admiration because what it came down to is that I enjoyed myself a lot. And did some pretty incredible things and felt good while doing them."

 Ray Lin

"You give me courage because I was always told you were no more than an impossible notion because of my size, I will never be ashamed of my body again, this fat body that made you."


"I'm here to say, i love my fat body and it doesn't need changing. Don't fret over the little lumps and bumps, your body is wonderful and should be treated as such. In fact being kinder in general will make the world a better place."


"Wearing a bikini, especially one I made makes me feel powerful, strong, rebellious and hot."


 "It feels great knowing I can wear a two piece bikini and not want to cover up, but also to know and accept that it's ok to be plus size (20) and not have to apologize for it."


"Growing up in a very conservative and fat phobic family, wearing a bikini was NEVER and option. Wearing revealing clothing (bikinis included) was a form of personal rebellion for me. Every time I bare my skin to the world, I feel empowered and beautiful. I deserve to be seen. I deserve to dress myself however I please."


"I've had so many strangers come up to me and tell me they admire my bravery and my confidence for wearing a bikini at my size. The first time I wore one, I expected it to be a revelation, to feel different or badass or. . .something. But the truth is, for me, wearing a bikini feels no different than any other swimsuit, and honestly, that took so much of the pressure away from doing it in public. I'm just another babe catching some sun and it's absolutely fine!"

Photography by Beth Olsen Creative

"Wearing a bikini makes me feel free, invincible and apologetically me!"


"Most of my life summer meant starvation and dreading the thought of wearing a bikini. The shame of never being thin enough or tan enough, feeling trapped in my body. Ultimately making excuses to skip the beach in fear. Now I embrace and accept my every curve. I wear a bikini every chance I get, and the freedom of accepting myself as I am is intoxicating. There's no going back!"


"Finally, body positive and free!"


"Putting on my first bikini ever at 34 was liberating! I felt beautiful, amazing, energetic, and most of all I felt like myself. It didn't feel weird or embarrassing or ugly. 
It means the world to me for others to see me with a smile on my face. I will walk with confidence on any beach, lake, or pool in my cute bikini. I will feel proud, beautiful, and worthy."


"Wearing a bikini feels like liberation from all the years I covered up because I hated my body. It’s liberating to no longer feel like I have to hide myself, make myself invisible.  When you spend most of your teens and adult life trying to go unnoticed, it’s freeing to realize you are allowed to take up space and to challenge yourself and the way others view you." 


"I took this photo back in March and it was my first time wearing a bikini in 2015. I definitely got a lot of stares but to me that's just further affirmation that I am doing something right. When you are confident in yourself, you command attention." 


"Wearing a bikini makes me empowered and beautiful, like I am allowed to be free in fashion!"


"Wearing a bikini makes me feel fierce and sassy.  All my life I was told to wear flattering clothes and that "Big girls shouldn't wear --------." K. Let me write that down in my big book of Nope. I don't need flattering. If someone doesn't like it, they can look the other way. My body, my rules. Their body, their rules. No one is required to like my body. No one is required to think I'm attractive. Be disgusted even, I don't care. But nothing gives another human being the right to put others down for their body, your body rights end where another's begin. I feel like wearing a bikini makes me empowered in a way, because I'm taking fashion "rules" and breaking them. Every body is a bikini body, big or small."


" In my bikini I feel confident, sexy and free. Free to be comfortable in my own skin."

Photograh by K. Lang Photography

"What I love about wearing a fatkini is that there's no pockets, and thus nowhere to store any fucks to give."

 My Daughters

Lydia(L)- "Wearing a bikini makes me feel free to swim. A bikini feels better on my body than a one piece bathing suit."

Lumi(R)- "I like wearing my bikini because it's cute and because it shows my belly and my belly is pretty."

Thank-you for spending some time with these stunning, amazing, strong women. I hope you enjoyed this year's edition of 101 Body Positive Bikini Babes. If you liked this post please share it with your friends. I think it has an empowering, strong, positive message and many can benefit from these ladies' experiences. An extra special thanks is extended all the truly astounding women who have taken time to submit photos and quotes for this piece, banded together we can make a difference.



  1. Bravo! Love it ladies. Love your style.

  2. Absolutely Amazing .. <3

  3. I wish I could have been apart of this!!! <3

  4. Awesome job ladies. Love the confidence.

  5. F**king fabulous as always! Great job!❤️

    1. Thanks so much for being a part of this again this year. LOVE. xx

  6. Love love love!!! So happy to be alongside so many wonderful badass babes!!!

  7. I wish I was confident enough to wear one. I always feel like people are staring at me! When I was a teen I was extremely skinny being 5'5" wearing extra small shirts and 00 pants weighing between 98lbs to 105lbs and barely in an A cup and now that in 23 and pregnant with baby #3 I weigh about 190lbs size 16 pants, XL shirts and DD bra I feel like I can't wear a bikini... like it's inappropriate. I wish I had the guts these ladies do.

    1. It's always appropriate! Your body your business and If people don't like how you look they don't have to look. I am 100% use to getting stairs, I have always been a bit of a freak. I know some of the looks are negative and some of the look positive. I pay the haters no mind, life is too short and I'm going to wear what I want.
      I hope if you want to wear a bikini you find the confidence. Your a beautiful goddess!!


    2. Stares not stairs. Hahaha

      No one has ever given me a stair:P

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