Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Torrid Fall

Please creep and click the video above
for a full review and details about my look.
Links for all the pieces will be at the bottom of the page. 

Sweater: Torrid
(Size 4X)

Leggings: Torrid
(Size 3X)

Boots: Torrid
(Size 10)

   Hat: From the Halloween section of Vaule Village. Might be tough finding it now:( 

Undershirt: ASOS Maternity
(Size 14US)



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  1. GIVE ME THOSE BOOTS AND LEGGINGS!!!!! They are so incredibly fabulous. I cannot stand it! Also, enjoyed your vlog and sub'd on YouTube :) Yay YouTube!

    1. Thanks Mary! I will be coming to you for some pointers! I hope to have my cannon set up soon and I need to know a good editing program. Hook a sister up!

  2. You get ALL THE CUTE THINGS! Argh!

  3. I freaking LOVE your vlogs! You are so cute, I've thought that of yo in your photos, but you are such a cute human!! Definitely keep doing them. I'm almost inspired to do the blog/vlog combo!

    I'd so love for you to join the alternativecurves bloghop!! <3 <3


  4. So much love for this! I love the vlog too, you're fantastic!

  5. Hey, I nominated you for the Liebster award!
    Check out the post explaining what you have to do


  6. So glad I found your blog through Google! (looked up alternative fatshion blog). You have such a great style and this post made me insta-follow. Love all the skull motifs on this outfit! :)