Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ASOS Ghost Print Skater Dress

For optimal viewing gratification please enjoy this video while perusing my post.


Channeling Stina from 1992, I loved fishnets, Björk buns and baby doll dresses. Twenty-two years later and not much has changed. I may be forty years old, but there is no reason I need to look like I am. #effyouragestandards

Dress: ASOS
(Size 22)
This dress sold out in like a millisecond!! Sorry about it, but ya got to be super quick to get the über cute ASOS Halloween stuff. They only come out with a few Curve items every year and from my experience they are pretty freaking fierce and fun! I'm so glad I snatched this up before it was gone. It will share a home in my closet with my skeleton baby doll dress from last year. No need to review... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! ASOS still has a couple Halloweenie pieces in stock, here is a link for this years ghost sweater.

Fishnets: Donatellas
(Size 4X-5X Long)
 Donatella's premium fishnets in black are available in two lengths, short and long. I got the long length because I'm almost 5'6". I can't say enough about these fishnets. They fit me like a dream with room to spare and these fishnets were the first pair I have ever owned that didn't rip the first time I wore them. Fishnets normally are a one-time deal for me, my thighs like to chew them up and spit them out. I will be able to get many uses out of these ones from Donatella's.  Well worth the money and free shipping... bonus!

Shoes: ASOS
(Size 10)
I fell for these shoes as soon as I creeped them. I thought they were so unique and awesomely modern 90's. I didn't consider the fit much when I ordered because I'm typically a size 10 with a slightly wide foot, but I get away with most normal width shoes. These shoes seemed pretty generous and wide from the photos. That is not so much the case, I just barely fit into these shoes. They are actually kind of tight across the top of my foot but I'm hoping with some wear they will stretch out a bit. I would not recommend these ones to someone with a wide foot, as cute as they are. If anyone has tips for stretching leather-look shoes I would love to hear them. I hope they are not a write-off. 

Glasses: Forever 21
This style is currently sold out. I would keep an eye out though because I find Forever 21 brings sunglasses styles back often. Forever 21 is my go-to place for cheap shades, I quite often get them when they are 50% off clearance and they end up being only a couple of bucks. 



  1. What a cute dress! The shoes are super-cute too--it's too bad they're not wide enough. I have wide feet too, and it's so hard to find shoes that fit.

    Huzzah for the '90s, and #effyouragestandards indeed! '90s goth/punk looks are always awesome at any age.

  2. i love the music you pair with your posts!! Man I totally used to rock the Bjork buns everyday about 15 years ago!

    i missed the boat on this dress, everyone seems to have it but me, it's just like that cute ghost sweater they did last year and it still haunts {ha!} me!

    Love this look & love the song!


  3. IF you decide the shoes are a write off then LMK. I have a narrow foot but a size 10 tooo. YOu look amazing in this dress and you style it wonderfully!

  4. GAH why is this dress not available in Australia?!?!

  5. I was stalking ASOS prior to Halloween, as I remember missing out on some cute items last year. Yet I still missed out on this! Do you belong to a secret community that alerts you to this stuff coming out? Because I want in!!! :)

    1. HA!!! I just check ASOS like everyday the full month of September and into October so I don't miss a single Halloween item. I also am in some clothing groups on FB and occasionally pick up a hot tip.


      Fattoo Anonymous is a good one.