Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Wonderful World of Disney

Earlier this year TORRID introduced a new limited edition fashion collection inspired by the Disney movie “Maleficent”.

The pieces moved very fast and seemed to be very popular with the Torrid costumer. I loved this collection, but was not fortunate enough to score the items I wanted in my size. 
If your a Disney fan and missed out the first time with the "Maleficent" collection, you're in luck!! Torrid has just birthed new batch Disney dresses; the pieces in the new collection are brighter, more cheerful, and perfect for the princess fan girl. 

Creep and Peep it...

All three of these dresses are currently available as Online Exclusives at I would suggest not hesitating because they will move fast. If your a regular customer and subscribe to their email service, Torrid sent out discount codes for $30 OFF $75 and $50 OFF $125 this morning. International Shipping is also currently 50% OFF, a bonus for us Canadian girls. 


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