Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hell Bunny Vampiress Mini Dress in Plus Size


For optimal viewing gratification please enjoy this video while perusing my post.


THEY'RE HERE!!! The Hell Bunny Plus Size Mini Dress has arrived!!!! I have been waiting a couple of years for a shorter, plus size dress from Hell Bunny. I love the retro-vintage glam of their longer styles but sometimes a girl just wants to flaunt it short and sassy like! I've purchased three mini dresses from Hell Bunny's new 2014 Autumn/Winter collection and I hope to pick up some more. I peeped a beautiful mini dress from Spin Doctor earlier this week that I must have as well! In case you didn't know, Spin Doctor is Hell Bunny's sister company; the Spin Doctor line is a little more goth/steampunk than Hell Bunny is. I have a few of their dresses that I love so it is nice to see they are also carrying plus size mini dresses.

The Hell Bunny mini dress I'm wearing in this post is called the Vampiress. This dress is avilable in sizes XS-4X and it also comes in a red and green version as well as a longer, more 50's style version with half sleeves. The selections leave you a lot of fun, vampy options. I chose to go with the red version because I figured it would look better with my hair but I would like to note the green version is pretty dang amazing as well and it was hard to decide which one to purchase. I am really happy with the length of this mini dress, I'm 5'6" and it almost goes to my knees. I don't feel like it is so short that I would show my bum if I'm just wearing nylons. If you are much taller than me you might want to wear this dress with leggings or shorts underneath. I think it would look perfectly fine either way and I'm sure I will rock it with leggings from time to time as well. I really love the cut of this dress, the bust is wicked and incredibly flattering on my chest. I think it adds the perfect amount of sexiness without letting everything hang out. I have a 53" bust and wear a size 44G so sometimes a bust like this can be a bit tricky. You don't want to be spilling out for the world to see, but still want to show a touch of sass. The details on this dress are totally swell and spooky; the dress has batwing pockets and a pointy adjustable halter strap. I wore the strap on the tightest setting and did not find it rubbed or bothered my neck at all. The batwing pockets add a bit of flair and are nice and deep which allows me to comfortably carry stuff in them.

I did find this dress to have less stretch than some of the other Hell Bunny dresses I own. There is very little stretch to the colored panel through the middle of the dress in the waist area. I am wearing a 4X in this dress and would not be able to size down to a 3X like I can with some of their other dresses. Just keep in mind when ordering there will not be much give to the fabric. If you would like my measurements for comparison just leave me a comment and I would be happy to share.

I look forward to wearing this dress out in the fall and jazzing it up to have more of a spooky style. I think this dress leaves a lot of potential to put together an awesome, sexy, vampy look for Halloween. 

I purchased my Hell Bunny Vampiress dress from Sweet Echo Plus. Sweet Echo currently has other plus size mini styles in stock so totally check them out. Use code "Summer14" to get 10% off your order!!!!



  1. Hello again! You always give us a stunning look!

  2. The gradient in your hair is absolutely smokin'.

  3. Where did you get those boots? I have such a hard time finding wider calf knee highs.

  4. OMG you look AMAZING! :D That dress is fabulous! Your hair goes so well it it!

    P.S That song is PERFECT ;D