Sunday, March 23, 2014

Insecurities are a bitch: The Outfit I would never wear.

This is an outfit I was over the moon to order. It would sit in my closet for three years.

This is the outfit that shows my fat belly. The one that makes my hips look too wide.

This is the outfit that made me cry the first time I saw it in the mirror.

This outfit emerged today and I said "screw it"

This is the outfit I will wear today. I will look fierce and fabulous. I look good with a belly, hips and big butt.  Insecurities are a bitch. I never thought I could wear body con. This year I WILL embrace form fitting clothing. 



  1. You are gorgeous girl - inside and out! Love this dress on you. xo

  2. You look amazing, Good for you for going with it!

  3. You look FABULOUSSSSS!

  4. YESSSSSS! This is the best post ever! Love it! And you look beautiful. :)

  5. You look amazing! I know we are always our own worst critics but believe me when I say you look phenomenal. x x

  6. Thanks so much Ladies. Your all so lovely and kind. I'm hoping to have the strength to pull more body con looks off soon.

  7. YES! You look fabulous! I know that at times it's hard to push through the thoughts in your own head, but daaaamn do you look smoking in this dress!

    1. Your such a doll. xx The first time I put this on it almost killed me. I have come a long way since then.

  8. You have inspired me tomorrow I am wearing the form fitting dress and my colleagues can go to hell. I hope I carry it off as wonderfully as you did here.
    Much love from Australia